What To Do When He Says He Needs Space?

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When a man tells you he needs space, it often means he wants the break-up without the responsibility of having to do the dirty work. The best thing for you to do is completely ignore him and stop answering his calls.

He will come crawling back after about three weeks with flowers and all sorts of other gifts trying to win you over. If you are no longer interested in that man, let him know it immediately [to make sure he knows what he’s dealing with!], but if not, play along until he gets tired of waiting and gives up. He’ll be back begging on his knees before long!

The most difficult part of this game is getting through the first week because it takes a powerful person to pull it off. The rest is easy if you can make it for a week [to get him back!].

After his begging starts to annoy you, which will happen in about three weeks [after he’s fully been ignored and shows no sign of giving up], suddenly decide that you’re willing to see him again if he brings you gifts or takes you out on a date at an expensive restaurant. Then after that date, tell him that while it was nice, you still want more space, so would he please give you another week without calling.

What Does It Mean When A Guy Wants Space?

A man’s need for space is his way of saying he’s not interested in a relationship. He uses it as an excuse to avoid dealing with the problems that are obviously present in the relationship. If he did care about you, he wouldn’t want so much distance, would he?

So if your boyfriend wants some space, don’t go knocking on his door begging and pleading because you now have an excuse to let him go [without seeming like the bad guy]. Everyone knows that men hate clingy women, so play hard-to-get for a few weeks and watch him come running back! This may seem cruel but remember that you aren’t really hurting anyone by letting them go when they don’t want to be with you.

It’s just like when someone breaks up with their boyfriend. If he doesn’t want you, then let him go! Most people think that the person who gets dumped is the victim. Still, really it’s more like they received a gift because now they get their life back without having to deal with an annoying or abusive relationship [because girlfriends are always right and men are always wrong].

What do you do if he actually means it when he says that he needs space? The truth is that no man will ever say this in a relationship unless he has already decided to break things off with you. So if you have fallen for this excuse before, realize now that he was probably saying it so that you would eventually break up with him [and let him off the hook!]. So if you’ve been using the same excuse, then don’t be surprised when he ends it with you as well.

Be careful that this isn’t a sign of something much deeper going on in your relationship. If his need for space is coming out of nowhere and doesn’t make sense [if he’s not abusive or disrespectful], then talk to him about it before completely giving up on him [to avoid ending up alone later]. You shouldn’t worry too much, though, because most men aren’t capable of having a real discussion without getting defensive or trying to turn things around so that they’re right and you’re wrong. Then when they realize that they have no way out of the conversation, they’ll tell you whatever you want to hear just so that you’ll shut up and leave them alone.

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So if he can’t talk to you without getting angry or defensive, then there’s no point in having a conversation about why he needs space because it won’t accomplish anything. If this is the case, end it with him now so that you don’t waste any more of your time on someone who doesn’t want to be with you [which will only lead to you being hurt]. You deserve someone who wants all of your love, not just some of it! Why would you want someone who loves the part of you but not all of you?

What does it mean when a guy asks for space in a relationship? It means that he has lost interest in you but doesn’t feel like telling you directly [which is impossible since men are cowards and always burden women to initiate a breakup]. Instead of being honest with his feelings, he will say almost anything to get you to leave him alone. So when he says he needs space, please take it as your cue to move on and find someone who actually wants to be with you!

What To Do When Your Boyfriend Says He Needs Space?

This article title says it all. If he’s not ready to commit, leave him alone. Don’t contact him for a couple of weeks, and then see if he contacts you [not giving anything away in your tone/words]. The only thing that might be different is instead of asking for gifts or money, ask for some time and space to yourself (of course, this will most likely come across as being selfish, so beware).

If you’re after a man who wants commitment [like “forever”], then don’t worry about him running off at the first sign of him wanting space. Instead, focus on finding someone who wants the same things you do – i.e., a long-term relationship headed toward marriage with kids, someone who wants to be with you for the rest of his life. Don’t worry about what a man says he wants when you meet him [because it’s just words!]; instead, pay attention to his actions [which is how you’ll know if he’s actually being serious or not].

Eventually, the perfect guy will come along, someone who wants to spend as much time with you as possible [and puts in even more effort than you do!]. If he gives any indication that he needs space, tell him how much you love being around him. Don’t let a man’s actions scare you away from what could be your true love.

1. Offer to go away with him

If he’s having second thoughts about his feelings and the relationship, if you tell him that you’re willing to take a trip or vacation together to spend some time together [not only as a couple but also with his family/friends who are important to him], it will show that you’re not afraid of commitment. It doesn’t matter where you go. Just make sure it’s somewhere far from everything else. Please make the most of every minute together on this trip because chances are it might be your last!

2. Pretend like he doesn’t exist

He’ll understand after a while what type of person he’s dealing with and at least give you space until he contacts you again in a few weeks. He’ll either come crawling back on his knees like a dog begging for forgiveness, OR he’ll realize that you’re not the one for him and move on with someone who wants to be with him, which is what should have happened in the first place!

If it’s too hard to pretend that he doesn’t exist, then why don’t you make it easier by deleting his number from your phone [to keep yourself occupied during those lonely nights]? After all, if he really wanted to talk to you, wouldn’t he call again? The only way that works is if you do it right AWAY after he tells you about needing space so that there’s no time for him to change his mind; otherwise, there will be some hope left for him, and he might give it a few more weeks.

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3. Don’t panic!

Don’t mistake what he says as wanting out of the relationship, but instead assume that maybe he needs time for himself to think about things – after all, any person can get overwhelmed with everything in life, so why not a boyfriend? It’s important to remember that sometimes you’ll have bad days where you don’t want to be bothered [and if your boyfriend gives you space, then that means that you’re giving HIM space too!]. So if he tells you that he wants some time alone, try to put yourself in his shoes; learn how to be supportive as a friend would do by NOT calling him or talking about meaningless stuff because all that will do is make him feel worse.

4. Realize what’s most important to you in a man

Think about what you want in a man; are looks, money, and power more important than love? Well, if it is, then maybe you’re not ready for something serious. If you need some time with him from time to time [because he’s an “eye-candy” boy or whatever], why get so upset about his wanting space? It’s like when people say that they want the good-looking guy but don’t want anything too deep with them.

5. Don’t lose hope!

This is how it all works: men want you to be 100% committed and loyal, but women who are after the same type of man are willing to put up with what they call his “mistakes” or “insecurities” because he’s good-looking. Sometimes a man will give you space because he doesn’t feel like he can measure up to your expectations [or that he’s not as smooth as other guys around you]. But if you let him know that, in fact, it’s the opposite; if anything, most men should envy you for even wanting to be around him! The two of you have to be on the same level! By giving him some time alone, his self-confidence will go through the roof. When it comes time for you two to reconcile by spending quality time together, you’ll find that he is more appreciative and has been thinking about the relationship a lot.

6. Nothing’s guaranteed

You may want him back immediately but remember that not every guy who gives his girlfriend some space ends up coming back for good. Make sure it’s what YOU want as well; even if he does come crawling back, don’t give in too easily because if it doesn’t work out again [which is very likely], then at least this time he won’t have you fooled into thinking that the relationship will last forever. If there are major issues between the two of you now, then maybe it wasn’t meant to work out all along – why go through the pain of breaking up again? Moving on means not calling him, so if he misses you, then he’ll have to make the first move.

7. Let time heal your wounds

Stop calling his friends/family to find out what he’s up to because if you really want him back, then it’ll only be a matter of time. It sucks not being able to get over someone that easily, so try and distract yourself in other ways; after all, isn’t that what he wanted when he gave you space? You could call up some friends/your family for support or even go on a mini-vacation to clear your head! The most important thing is that you stop calling him – no more texts, emails, Facebook posts about how much you miss him: nothing! If he wants you, then he’ll make it known very quickly that the relationship is worth saving [and you won’t be caught off guard with last-minute confessions saying that you’re better than any other girl he’s ever been with]. Otherwise, set your mind on moving forward – whether it takes a month, year, or even forever, eventually, the pain of losing someone will fade away.

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8. Be honest for once

If you want a reliable guy and treats you well, then don’t go after those who have trouble being consistent. That doesn’t mean that every time he calls or emails is going to be THE moment when he confesses his undying love to you; if it happens, then great, but if not, then don’t try to force anything – because at the end of the day it’s up to HIM whether or not you two work out! You can’t change someone’s attitude or behavior [and neither can they], so deal with what he gives you and accept him as he is. It sounds somewhat cruel but thinks of it this way: either this relationship will make him a better person or teach you two how to appreciate what you have. Either it ends because he’s not ready, or it becomes stronger than anything else you’ve been through in your life – either way, there are no guarantees that the relationship will last forever, so don’t get your hopes up.

9. Let him go!!!

If he’s really worth having, then you should let him go, and if for whatever reason he comes back, then it shows that you made the right decision! If he’s worth it, then you should be happy to see him again! Space can only do wonders for his ego [which might have taken a battering due to stress from work or family issues] and by the time he phones/texts/Facebooks you again, he’ll be determined to make things work out this time.

10. It’s a numbers game

Make sure you aren’t dating anyone else when he comes back for you: if you’re already seeing someone new, it will only complicate matters. If he does want to come back by some chance, you’ll have to think about whether or not this relationship is worth it because if he did leave once before, then there’s always a chance that it can happen again in the future. Remember how long it took him to call/text/Facebook? Well, make sure it doesn’t take as long this time around – and if after several weeks of waiting without hearing from him, forget about him and move on with your life. And remember: there is plenty of other fish in the sea!


The fact that he told you he needed space means that it isn’t working out for him, and it’s only up to you whether or not you want to give him a second chance. If he doesn’t contact you, then there are some things you can do; after all, time heals all wounds! But if he does come back, don’t get your hopes up too much because it might be weeks before he contacts his friends again. In other words, don’t hold on to false hope – and if the relationship is meant to work out, then it will become stronger than ever before! Either way, keep yourself busy, distract yourself in other ways [find something else to occupy your mind], and one day the pain of losing someone will fade away – until then, don’t dwell on it too much!

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