Top 12 Signs Your Boyfriend Doesn’t Love You

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You know many women want to hear that their boyfriends love them, especially on Valentine’s Day. However, you never really know if your boyfriend is ‘ The One ‘ until the day he lets his guard down… and shows you how he feels about you.

Did you know there are 12 signs your guy doesn’t love you anymore? But what happens if these things start happening to you? Does this mean it’s over? Do we have a chance of getting back together, or should I just give up right now? Let me tell you the truth: It hurts like hell, but it doesn’t necessarily mean what I think it means.

Sign #1 – He Didn’t Spend Time With You During His Holiday Break

One sign he doesn’t love you anymore is if he didn’t spend time with you during his holiday break. It’s normal for him to want to spend time with his family, but it feels like a slap in the face when he doesn’t even make an effort to see you.

It could be that spending every waking moment together has become too much and that’s why your boyfriend wants some space, but don’t forget that you are still a part of his life – albeit not on holidays! Just keep reminding yourself how great things were before. Show him just what he’ll be missing out on (you) if he ends it now! In fact, remind him as well.

Sign #2 – He Checks Out Other Girls

Does your boyfriend still check out other women? Does he still stare at the girls in short skirts, or does he lose interest and focus on you instead? Suppose your man continues to look elsewhere while you’re together. In that case, there’s a good chance that he is thinking about someone else – which can’t be a very comfortable feeling! Most guys have a thing for looking, but it’s not quite as important when you are with the right lady.

Tell him how much you love him constantly so that he gets used to hearing it. Then when something crosses his mind, let him know that you’ll always love him no matter what. Make sure that his heart is open to receiving love from outside sources before telling him all of this because obviously, it’s not true!

Sign #3 – He Talks Back to You

Another sign that your man doesn’t love you anymore is if he talks back. Even if it’s just arguing over something tiny, it still shows that he can be upset about anything and everything. Your guy might not even realize what he said or how he acted, but don’t take offense because, again – this is normal! It could save your relationship! I’m not saying that you should put up with bad behavior in the future, but give him a chance to understand why his actions were hurtful instead of walking out the door or getting into a long-winded shouting match.

Sign #4 – He Doesn’t Listen To You Anymore

Sometimes when things go well, we forget to listen as attentively as we used to. It’s a natural occurrence, but it still hurts when you realize he doesn’t listen anymore. If your boyfriend is constantly turning up the volume on the television or if he isn’t listening to a word you say – then there’s a chance that he might be thinking about ending things with you while at work (or in class) but can’t muster up the strength just yet! Just let him know what you’re feeling and move forward from there.

Sign #5 – He Likes Looking Both Ways Before Crossing The Street

Ever notice how guys do this? They look left-right before crossing the street and even go back for a double-take if they didn’t see something suspicious for a while. What if your guy does this while you’re walking down the street, and he starts looking for someone that isn’t there? That can only mean one thing!

I can see your boyfriend checking out other girls, but is he making moves to go talk to them? If he seems distracted by something else, it could be a sign that he’s going to put an end to it with you. He’ll appreciate that way more than just staying quiet! You have two choices 1) Break up with him or 2) Go back to being yourself, a girl full of energy, love, and life.

Sign #6 – He Diminishes Your Worth

When your boyfriend diminishes your accomplishments, it’s only because he thinks that they aren’t as great as you feel. I know that we all want to hear how great we are, but let’s be honest here! It can be frustrating if we keep telling someone how fantastic they are and then don’t deliver. Looking at this situation with a different perspective on life will help you understand why this happens and give you the ability to forgive him if he ever does pass along those unkind words.

Sign #7 – He Doesn’t Want To Do Anything With You Anymore

Is your man no longer interested in spending time with you? Even though you’re not busy right now (school or work), he doesn’t care about spending time with you. He’s trying to shield himself from being hurt by you and possibly ending things on his terms instead of yours! At first, it might not be that big of a deal, but the more he does this – the worse it will get.

Sign #8 – He Doesn’t Hold Your Hand Anymore

Let me just start off by saying that guys aren’t as expressive as we are. Men aren’t inherently wrong people; they just don’t know how to show their emotions (especially men who have been emotionally abused by women in the past). But if your ex isn’t grabbing (or holding) your hand when you’re walking together, then there’s something wrong! You want to know if your boyfriend is going to leave you? It will start with him not holding your hand.

Sign #9 – He Won’t Face You During An Argument

If your guy already knows that he’s done something wrong, of course, he’ll look away. I’m not saying that this is a good thing because it means that he might be plotting his escape! Almost every time an argument occurs, we try to figure out who’s a fault it was (or avoid taking the blame altogether). But eventually, there comes the point where someone has said their piece, and now it’s time to move on from the situation. Does your man stay calm when an argument occurs, or does he become defensive right away? If it’s the latter, then trust me, you run!

Sign #10 – He Has Become Distant Over The Phone

The only reason someone would be distant over the phone is that he’s trying to avoid talking to you altogether. It can also mean that he doesn’t want anyone (including himself) to know what’s going on inside of his head. You might be able to look at his social media accounts and see if any changes have been made or if he doesn’t share everything with you anymore. If your boyfriend has been acting weird for the last few weeks, it could work out in your favor when it comes time for him to talk about what’s occurring between you two.

Sign #11 – He Doesn’t Want To See You Anymore

Does your boyfriend still want to see you? If he wants to be in a relationship with you, this question should not even have to leave your mouth. Let’s get real here, ladies; if we don’t want to see someone anymore, all we need to do is just stop calling them! If he still wishes for you two to continue dating or being friends with benefits (if things didn’t work out), then it won’t be long until he breaks up with you.

Once your guy stops wanting to see you face-to-face – that means that he doesn’t care about what’s going on between the two of you because communication has been broken off completely.

Sign #12 – He’s Always Too Busy To Do Anything

It doesn’t matter if he has a single minute to spare in his day; your man will always be busy. Not because he needs to be active (unless he works two jobs), but because it gives him room to stop thinking about you all the time! This is probably one of the more complicated signs for women to read or even learn about because we still have feelings for our exes (especially when they just broke up with us).

Why can’t men think straight? Well, it starts way before we ever meet guys, and that’s through what society tells them. From an early age, men are told that they’re superior creatures to us girls, so why would they want to give in and be vulnerable? It’s a lot easier to just distance yourself than letting someone back into your life.

Final Thoughts

If your boyfriend is showing you these signs, then it’s time to walk away before things get any worse. It’s okay to be a little bit upset if he broke up with you because we want to feel like somebody cares, whether it’s about the breakup or something else in our lives. But don’t let this keep dragging on for an extended period because that just shows how much he doesn’t care at all!

If you’re still unsure what to do, then just trust your gut and take a step back. If that means staying 500 miles away from him until you find out more information, then so be it! You can’t force someone into loving you; they either do, or they don’t! And if your ex-boyfriend doesn’t love you, then get over him as soon as possible!

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