Signs Of A Pathological Liar: How To Tell If Your Boyfriend Is A Pathological Liar?

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Have you ever met someone who would lie about anything, even the smallest things? This type of person is called a pathological liar. Pathological liars are not only manipulative, but they can be dangerous as well. They have been known to steal money from loved ones, manipulate others into doing their bidding and hurt people emotionally with their lies. If you suspect that somebody may be lying to you or if you feel like your relationship with them has changed because of it, some signs will help determine whether this person is telling the truth or not.

What Is A Pathological Liar?

Pathological lying is categorized as a mental disorder. People who are pathological liars tend to lie to manipulate situations in their favor or just for lying. They have a tough time being truthful with other people, even when they know they should be. Pathological lies may not always make sense, and it can be tough to follow their train of thought because they often jump from one topic to another without warning.

On top of that, many times, these lies are so elaborate and complex that the person will forget what they originally said ten minutes ago. If you start talking about something completely different from where you began, the chances are high that this is coming from someone who has issues telling the truth.

There isn’t a specific number of lies that define a person as being a pathological liar. It is defined by the number of times these lies are disruptive to your life and the quality of relationships they have with their friends and family members. When you begin noticing large patterns of behavior in which small or insignificant details have been changed, it could signify this disorder.

On top of that, if you ever notice yourself wondering whether what they say is true after talking to them for an extended period of time, then chances are this might be someone who has issues telling the truth. If you feel like something doesn’t seem right about what they’re saying, ask yourself why you feel this way. Is there something different about this story from other stories that have been told to you? Try to find the differences between this and other stories that may be true.

Signs Of A Pathological Liar

If you feel like someone you know or have been involved with is a pathological liar, a few signs can be seen to help identify them. These may not be noticeable immediately, but this person likely has issues telling the truth if they are noticed often enough.

Sign #1: You Feel Like Something Doesn’t Seem Right

The very first sign that someone is a pathological liar is if you find yourself doubting some of the things they say and wondering whether or not this person could be lying to you. It’s normal to have trust issues with other people, but it’s even more important in a romantic relationship. When something doesn’t seem right about what they’re saying, ask yourself why you feel like this and try to analyze their stories a little bit more in-depth.

Sign #2: You Notice A Discrepancy Between Their Words And Actions

If someone seems to be telling the truth, but there is a discrepancy between what they say and how they act, then it’s likely that this person might have issues telling the truth. This type of behavior is known as being two-faced or having double standards. If you notice that a person behaves differently around different people or tends to lie more to certain friends or family members than others, it could be because they are trying to hide some important facts from somebody who might not accept their behavior.

Sign #3: They Have Tried To Manipulate A Situation, But It Still Didn’t Go Their Way

One of the biggest signs that you’re dealing with a pathological liar is if they have attempted to manipulate a situation in their favor, but it never seemed to end up working out for them. If someone has tried hard to buy your trust or change the subject away from what’s really going on, they may be doing so because they feel like somebody can read through their lies and see right through them.

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If this person has given themselves away too easily, then the chances are high that this might be someone who has issues telling the truth or if they were found out too quickly by others. Either way, pathological liars generally find themselves in trouble when they try to manipulate situations to their own advantage.

Sign #4: They Have A Constant Need To Be In Control Of Everything

The fourth sign of someone who has issues telling the truth is if they need to always be in control and know everything that’s going on at all times. People lying will do whatever it takes to avoid being discovered, even if this means making sure every person around them knows what they’re doing or keeping as much information secret from others as possible.

A problem occurs when these people hold too much knowledge and power over everyone else within their lives. It’s bad enough that they might feel like they need to lie to everyone around them, but they will also be quick to manipulate or blame other people if their lies are found out.

However, this is all part of the manipulative game that these types of people have played since childhood, and it’s a cycle that can’t easily be broken without outside help. Often, these individuals will go through great lengths to try and convince others into thinking that their behavior is okay when in reality, it’s not entirely healthy for themselves or anyone else involved with them.

If you notice somebody who seems to have no problem handling things on their own, then there’s likely nothing wrong with this person because most people don’t enjoy having to do everything alone. If they seem like they’re constantly trying to gain more power and control over situations, or they’re constantly bragging about themselves, then you can be sure that this person might have issues telling the truth.

Sign #5: They Say “I Love You” Easily Or Too Quickly

Some people say things like “I love you” overnight even though they barely know anything about their partner. Others fall in love with somebody the moment they start dating and don’t take time to really get to know them before making such a life-changing declaration of love.

If this is happening to you, then it could be because your partner doesn’t feel comfortable opening up to you or letting others see who they really are unless there’s constant reassurance in place. Instead of being genuinely interested in getting to know somebody and allowing yourself to get close, you’re going along with what this individual wants to gain their approval.

Sign #6: They Can’t Seem To Respect Boundaries Or Personal Space

If you feel like your partner doesn’t respect your boundaries or personal space, then there’s a good chance that they might have issues telling the truth. Many people who don’t have healthy relationships tend to push others around so that they can get their own way while making sure nobody is allowed to see who they really are without putting up an act first.

If this person treats you differently from everybody else, even when he or she is around other people, the chances are high that something about you isn’t right. It could be your looks, the way you carry yourself, or the things you say, but this person will likely make up lies to cover for these things if he or she ever gets asked any questions.

Remember to be honest with others and check out signs of a pathological liar in your partner so that you don’t go through too many problems later on down the line when it’s time for serious discussions about commitment and honesty. Be sure not to trust what can only be explained as an obsession for control over everything within their lives because people who are lying try whatever they can to get what they want without putting much work into anything at all.

Can A Pathological Liar Love Someone?

A pathological liar will have trouble loving someone because they’ve never allowed themselves to experience a real relationship before. They allow their lies and manipulation to get in the way of securing a healthy emotional bond with others. This is usually why they cannot respect personal space or set boundaries for themselves when it comes to getting close with other people.

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This person will lie about everything, from what he or she did during the day to where they’re going and who they see on the weekends. If you notice signs of a pathological liar, then there’s likely nothing behind his or her words because it’s all an act to get closer to somebody else without having to go through any real effort or personal change.

How To Tell If Your Boyfriend Is A Pathological Liar?

If you have the unfortunate situation of dealing with a pathological liar in your life, then there are ways that you can spot this person’s habits. It’s not easy to deal with someone who is constantly lying and manipulating others because it takes a lot of time, effort, and energy to try and understand why somebody would say one thing while feeling and believing another. You need to understand that the person you’re with wants to see if he can get what he wants without having to work for it, and this is why pathological liars are so good at convincing others about things that aren’t true.

What Does A Pathological Liar Look Like? If your partner is always talking about people who haven’t been around in a while, then the chances are high that he or she is lying because they want you to believe that these individuals are out there watching them all of the time. They may even say that these people are making threats against them, but unless your partner has proof (video evidence), then there’s no way that anybody could be able to tell what someone else was saying to them. If you notice this type of behavior in your partner, then there are chances that he or she will lie about other important things in the future because they had already started to develop a reputation for telling lies before you even met them. Is Your Boyfriend A Pathological Liar?

Your boyfriend may have some issues maintaining his own personal space and respecting boundaries if he lies constantly but doesn’t seem to respect limits when it comes to others, especially if these lies start getting as far out there as labeling strangers as stalkers that want to hurt him. If you notice signs of a pathological liar in your boyfriend, then it’s likely time for an intervention where people can get together and have a serious talk about what’s going on within his life. If you have suspicions about your boyfriend but aren’t entirely sure if he is a pathological liar, then ask others for advice on how to deal with the situation, and try to take what you know about him seriously so that it won’t create any further issues between the two of you soon. Remember not to let this person get under your skin because he or she wants nothing more than to play games with your head and heart. If you’re too angry to talk to them calmly and reasonably, then they’ve already won because they will continue doing whatever they want without getting caught. It’s important when dealing with pathological liars that you don’t involve yourself in things that may be considered illegal because of their severe exaggerations and lies. You must have proof if you’re exposing this person because anything else can be considered slander or libel. If you notice signs of a pathological liar in your boyfriend, then it may time to bring up these issues with others who know him, and try not to hesitate when letting people know just how manipulative he or she is. Your partner may get upset with the information they hear, but if they truly care about you, they should realize what’s going on before their pathological lying gets out of hand.

Do Liars Ever Change?

It’s important to realize when dealing with pathological liars that they may not be able to change, but making them aware of their actions is the first step towards helping them become better individuals. Your boyfriend or husband can change, but he’ll have to want it more than anything else for him to start doing things differently and stop lying over little things in his life. Remember that your partner knows what he has been doing is wrong, and something needs to be done if you want this issue settled permanently.

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If you notice signs of a pathological liar in your boyfriend, then there are ways that you can deal with this situation before it gets too out of hand. If he does lie excessively about situations that can be proven, then there’s a chance that his stories could be considered something done on purpose. If you know, he is doing this for a specific reason, and it will help you produce the evidence needed to get him the help he may need. If your partner lies consistently about things like job promotions or how much money they’re making at work or simply lying about where they have been during their time away from home, then it’s time to consider the possibility of intervention so that he or she can hopefully change before life becomes too complicated.

If you want to take care of your own business and let your boyfriend deal with his or her own problems, then realize that some people are incapable of changing until after certain situations occur in their lives. Don’t let this person get in the way of your happiness simply because you feel sorry for them. If something is seriously wrong with one of your loved ones, then take away any material items that may be affording this person the chance to continue lying excessively.

If you want help dealing with a partner who is a pathological liar, then try using open-ended questions during conversations so that they’ll have to tell the truth occasionally and reveal themselves as someone who isn’t ready to change yet. Remember that at some point, people do change, but other times they’re incapable of doing anything about what’s wrong until after truly needing help from others. It can also be helpful when dealing with a significant other who frequently lies to consider how you can ensure that they don’t have the opportunity to lie about issues in which others should be involved.


Being in a relationship with someone who lies constantly is extremely difficult, and it can make you wonder why they won’t try to change if they are causing themselves to have so many problems. Relationships should bring out the best qualities in both people. Still, if your boyfriend continues lying about issues that he shouldn’t be covering up, then perhaps it’s time for you to reconsider what is happening in your life right now. There is no reason that you should have to sit back and watch a loved one lie when this behavior could potentially result in them getting arrested or hurt by situations involving other people they’re not telling the truth, which may include yourself.

If you notice signs of a pathological liar in your boyfriend, then remember that his friends and family may not see past his false accusations and may give him the sympathy he needs to continue living a deceitful life. If you notice that your boyfriend is a pathological liar, then don’t be afraid to talk with him about this problem because you could potentially help someone find relief from their burdens to start dealing with real situations in their lives.

It’s vital when considering the idea of helping your significant other deal with obsession and lying behaviors that you realize that many people are capable of change if given a chance. Don’t let this person lie to get what he wants without considering telling the truth, but also understand that some people can’t stop themselves from doing something until after certain things occur in their lives. If it appears that your boyfriend is a pathological liar, then make sure you make the right decision to help yourself and others who may be affected by this behavior.

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