My Ex Is in a Rebound Relationship: What Should I Do?

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Have you seen your ex moving on with someone else? Have they just started seeing someone new, and it doesn’t look serious yet? This article will help you decide what to do if you’re concerned about your ex’s rebound relationship.

What Is a Rebound Relationship?

A rebound relationship is one you go into after a breakup because you’re still trying to get over your ex. You may have been hurt or feel vulnerable and lonely. Or maybe you want the comfort of being with someone new. Your ex may even be thinking of getting back together with you (or someone else). Rebound relationships are often not serious.

But you can’t undo the past. A breakup is a permanent change in your relationship status, and it usually means that both people won’t see each other as partners anymore. Because no matter how much you want to, going back isn’t easy—it’s actually really hard.

Because breakups cause so many negative feelings on their own, adding new relationships into the mix makes everything harder. Yet if your ex does end up going back to their partner, those negative feelings could increase by 10 times! So when your ex is trying to get over the past while moving on simultaneously, then what you experience is amplified a lot.

Signs Your Ex Is in a Rebound Relationship

Your ex is probably in or getting into a rebound relationship if you notice one of these signs:

  • Your ex tries to make you jealous. He or she might suddenly drop some hints about how great the new person is (or brag), even though it’s really early into the relationship. This behavior can be a way for your ex to see how you react and motivate him or her to get back together with you. It can also mean that your ex feels bad about what he or she did but hasn’t figured out how to approach you about their feelings yet.
  • When talking about this new partner, your ex talks like they’re already serious—like a break isn’t happening at any point soon. For example, “after all we’ve been through, he’s the one for me.”
  • Your ex is secretive about the new relationship. Your ex might not want to share anything with you because he or she doesn’t want you to get jealous or start a fight (like he or she will if they do that first).
  • Other people in your ex’s life have noticed that this new person has just come out of nowhere—and that it seems really sudden.
  • Your ex had turned into someone much nicer and happier than when you two were together. If your ex was very sad, lonely, or angry after the breakup, then getting back together with them would probably be a mistake! A rebound relationship could be tempting as an easy way out of those emotions…but remember that you’re really starting over with all-new problems.
  • Also, if your ex wasn’t very nice and happy before the breakup, that might be a good sign. But keep reading for more info on how to handle these situations!
  • You can usually tell whether or not a relationship is a rebound by what would happen if your ex’s new person suddenly disappeared from his or her life. If getting back together with you would likely be an instant solution to all of your ex’s problems, then it was probably in trouble even before the breakup—and he or she probably wouldn’t have needed any time alone after breaking up to get over you…which means they were already starting over! Don’t confuse this with serious problems because of something you did during the relationship (like cheating). These issues might have been right around the corner even before your breakup, and getting back together would have solved them—even if they don’t disappear overnight. When this happens, it’s still a rebound relationship!
  • On the other hand, if all of your ex’s problems wouldn’t instantly go away with you (or someone else), then he or she was probably sad and lonely for the reason that had nothing to do with you (like temporarily losing friends or feeling under pressure in school). Getting back together probably wouldn’t solve those problems…which means your ex might not be over-breaking up yet. And again, new relationships can add more negative emotions if things don’t work out!
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How Long Do Rebound Relationships Last?

A rebound relationship can be pretty short-lived, but sometimes they don’t even last one full day! For example, you might meet someone at a party and instantly feel very attracted to them, only for them to decide that it was just a fling the next morning. However, some people end up staying with their rebounded partners…and this could cause problems of its own!

When your ex is on a rebound, he or she isn’t always thinking about what’s best for his or her future—but instead about what will make him or her feel better in the present (which usually means getting over you). If your ex does get into a serious relationship after breaking up with you quickly, it probably won’t be right for him or her. But your ex might not be thinking about the future—and this could mean that he or she isn’t really ready to start a new relationship yet!

This can cause problems later on: If your ex is thinking with his or her heart instead of with his or her head, there might be big differences between what will make him or her happy now and what will make him or her happy in the future. (For example, if he or she chooses someone who has very different values than you do.) It’s even possible that your ex won’t feel good about their new partner when things settle down! If your ex is in a rebound relationship, it’s much more likely that he or she isn’t over-breaking up—and it might mean that he or she isn’t ready to start a new relationship yet.

A rebound can sometimes get broken off quickly because the person was only in it to get over you. But in other cases, your ex may not be thinking about what will make him or her happy now or in the future—and might be more interested in having fun with someone new. If he or she is getting serious about this new person, it’s possible that he or she isn’t ready for a “real” relationship yet! (And if things don’t work out with the rebound, your ex could feel even worse!)

The good news is this: Things can only get better from here…even if they seem like they’re getting worse right now! You shouldn’t have to put up with a rebound relationship; give your ex a deadline and help him or her move on by kicking them out of your life if they don’t stop seeing this other person. You could even set a deadline for when you’ll try to work things out again in the future—but make sure you stick with it!

Why Do Rebound Relationships Fail?

Rebounds don’t always end up in failure. However, they can sometimes lead to you and your ex’s relationship failing… especially if your ex is still thinking about getting over you, instead of thinking about what he or she wants in a new partner!

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You might notice that the problems with rebounds almost always have something to do with timing. For example: If someone who has just broken up with his or her last boyfriend (or girlfriend) starts dating someone else right away without taking some time for themselves, then it could be because he or she isn’t really ready yet…and might not even like the new person. Even though this person feels amazing while chasing after someone new, he or she may feel bad when reality sets in.

It’s also possible that the rebound won’t last very long or will end for other reasons: The person could decide to go back to his or her ex (which can make things worse) or might realize he or she isn’t really ready for a relationship yet and want to take more time. On the other hand, if everything seems like it’s going well with these two people, then they could end up staying together!

This is why it’s important to respect your new partner’s feelings when you’re in a serious relationship with him or her. If your ex is on a rebound, then there may be problems later on because your new love interest didn’t feel as strongly about getting over their last relationship…or about being in this one!

You don’t have to wait to start dating someone new, but you should take the time to make sure that your ex is ready for a relationship with someone else. And if he or she isn’t yet ready, then it could be a good idea to give him or her more space—and not encourage this rebound relationship!

What to Do if Your Ex Is in a Rebound Relationship?

If your ex is already in a rebound relationship, it’s important to respect their feelings. You can’t force someone who doesn’t want to be with you to feel differently. This means that you shouldn’t try and get back together right away…or try and break up their new relationship!

You could call or text your ex a few times (and even ask him or her out on dates), but if he or she really wants to stay in this rebound relationship for the time being, then you’re going to have to let him or her do so…without forcing things. If he or she isn’t interested right now, then that’s okay—wait until later when they are ready for something serious!

How Do I Get My Ex Back?

You may feel tempted to get back with your ex right away if he or she is on a rebound—or you might even be wondering how you can stop your ex from dating someone else! If your ex really likes the person, you shouldn’t bother trying to do that because it could worsen things.

Nothing may happen between the two of you during this time, but at least your ex will know that you’re willing to start over when he or she is ready to do so. And if he or she wants to be with you, then that’s great! However, you don’t have to wait until they’re ready for a serious relationship again; give them a deadline and plan something fun when they’ll be done with their new relationship…and ready to decide what he or she wants in the future.

What if Rebound Doesn’t Work Out?

If your ex is in a rebound relationship and it ends up not working out, then he or she might feel like you’re the best option again…especially if he or she realizes that they don’t want to be alone right now. On the other hand, your ex may need more time before he or she feels ready for another serious relationship. And even if this doesn’t happen, at least you’ll still likely have some good memories of him or her!

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In any case, these things can take time to work out; remember that your ex deserves a lot of space (and support) while dealing with his or her emotions after breaking up. If he or she moves on quickly, then that’s okay…but it might be a sign that he or she wasn’t ready for the next serious relationship or isn’t interested in being with you!

At the end of the day, if your ex is on a rebound and you’re seriously interested in someone else, then try giving him or her some space so they can get back into a good place—and see what happens later down the road. But don’t forget to respect your new partner’s feelings; they’ll appreciate that you value their emotions!

What If Your Ex is Right for Me?

If your ex is the perfect person to be with, then you’ll need to make some tough choices. On the one hand, it’s possible that he or she will get over their feeling of being “single” soon…and want to start dating again. But if your ex isn’t ready yet, then you might have to end the relationship and wait months (or even years) until they’re ready to move on from their last relationship!

But at least you can take comfort in knowing that this time around, he or she might feel as strongly about getting back together as you are; all those times when your ex was on a rebound probably won’t happen anymore! And whenever he or she is ready to move on, you’ll be there waiting.

But if your ex isn’t interested at all when he or she is ready for a relationship, then it might be best to let go of the idea of getting him or her back and start looking for someone more suited to you…because in that case, any rebound feelings won’t last long!

Final Thoughts

If your ex is in a rebound relationship, then you’ll need to choose whether you’re going to be patient and wait for him or her…or move on in life and try finding someone who does want a serious relationship with you. He or she deserves time and space of his or her own after ending a long-term relationship; if he or she moves on fast, it might just mean that they weren’t ready yet!

And even if the person they’re dating doesn’t end up being “the one,” they may still come back around to their feelings again…and realize that you would make a great couple. It’s impossible to know how things will play out in the end, but at least you can rest assured knowing that your ex is probably doing his or her best to move on in life!

Still, if you can take comfort in knowing that your ex is going to be okay, even if he or she doesn’t end up with you, he or she will have had a great experience being single for the first time in a long while…and now this way feel ready to find something serious!

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