Knowing When to Walk Away From a Relationship: 17 Signs That It Is Time to End a Relationship

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If your partner has a history of manipulating people to get what they want, you are going to end up with a bunch of lemmings who will call them super nice, great at their job, and really attractive just because they’re afraid it might get back to you if the truth came out. If you’ve ever been in this situation where someone is constantly telling you that what happened was not actually your partner’s fault or putting words in their mouth while trying to pull all the strings so that it appears as though they were the victim instead of the person whose intentions were clearly malicious, it is time for you to walk away from this relationship.

When we are in love, nothing is more important than our partner. No matter what happens, no matter how they hurt us or disappoint us, we think that we can overcome it. The momentary high of being with our partner smothers any ability to see them for who they really are, and this makes it difficult to leave a relationship when the time comes for it. It isn’t always easy to tell when our relationships have run their course because even negative experiences with people we love can be seen as wonderful and exciting at the beginning of a new relationship. Below are some of the signs that indicate you should walk away from your current relationship before you end up dumping them so that you could get away:

They Hate Your Friends and Family

If your partner truly loves you, they would want to know the people closest to you. After all, these are the people who will be around you when they aren’t around. There should never be a period in which your loved ones feel uncomfortable with the person you’re dating because if they find out that their opinion matters so little that they can’t even bear to spend some time together, it will make them feel as though this is not someone whom you value enough for them to meet.

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People Don’t Respect Them Around You

If your partner has a knack for making you embarrassed about them because of what they say or do, it is a good sign that your relationship might not go anywhere. If you meet someone who makes everyone laugh when he walks into the room while at the same time making everyone else cringe in shame on his behalf, it is time to say goodbye because such people are toxic and cannot be fixed even with an endless supply of love.

They Have No Real Interest in You or Congratulate You on Your Successes

A real romantic would feel proud whenever their significant other succeed at something or have similar interests so that you can talk about it together as partners and friends. When someone doesn’t have any interest in getting to know the parts of your life other than the ones you only share with them, it means that they have no respect for who you are as a person, or else they wouldn’t take any interest in getting to know more about your interests.

They Are Using You For Your Money

People use their partners for many reasons, and while this is not always a bad thing, if someone is using you because of what’s in your bank account, you should say goodbye right now. Sometimes people need help to make ends meet or paying off debt. Still, if they’re taking advantage of whatever resources you may be able to provide without putting anything back into the relationship, it won’t last long-term. When we date someone exclusively for what we can get out of them monetarily, it makes us feel as though we have no other value than the money in our bank accounts. This is a toxic relationship filled with emptiness, and you should not stay in it for another moment.

They Are Flirting or Cheating On You

This is one of those things that can mean different things to different people. Still, if your partner has ever thought about cheating on you, then they certainly have given it some serious thought at least once before taking any action toward doing so. If they are constantly flirting with others while around you, there’s a good chance that this is what’s going through their head – maybe not when their friends are looking- and if someone has already walked out of a relationship because they were dealing with this type of behavior, then chances are you’ll end up doing the same someday.

They Are Keeping Secrets From You That You Can See Without Even Examining Them Too Closely

You may notice that your partner is behaving a little oddly or holding back from telling you things without thinking much about it, but if it turns out to be because of something they have been keeping a secret for some time now, think about what else they might be hiding from you and whether or not that’s really someone who deserves so much trust.

They Don’t Value Your Opinion Since You Always Agree With Everything They Say But In The End Never Do What You Suggested Anyway

It is one thing to discuss each others’ differences of opinion without getting into a huge fight. Still, it is another thing to constantly agree with everything your partner says, even if you don’t really mean what you say. This is because they know that deep down, you don’t really believe in their choices and might even disagree with them, but they will continue doing whatever they wanted to do anyway.

They are Always Trying to Change You Into Someone Else Instead of Loving the Person You Already Are

If someone doesn’t see you for who you really are and instead wants to change every part of your personality or appearance into something better suited for them, then this is not exactly a relationship worth having anymore.

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Your Friends And Family Dislike Him Or Her But You Try To Pretend They Are Just Jealous

You may find yourself convinced that the people who dislike your partner don’t know them well enough or they are simply jealous of you, but if after some time you want to bring this up with your partner and see how they will react, then you tend to feel different about it later on. People in relationships do not stay loyal to those they don’t care for very much because, at the end of the day, we all crave a connection with someone who will appreciate us for who we are and won’t constantly be telling us what’s wrong with us. It may sound cliche, but love really does conquer all when there is mutual understanding based on respect, appreciation, and admiration present between two people.

You Don’t Feel Happy When You’re With Them

If you’ve ever been around someone who loved who they were and had the greatest self-esteem, you feel good being in their presence as well because it’s like having an aura of positivity around you that can help build your own up at the same time. On the opposite end, the bad company will bring out all of your worst qualities instead and make you feel worse about yourself with every passing minute that passes by, so if this is something that has happened to you before, know when it’s time to move on somewhere else.

They Have Made It Clear That They Want Nothing To Do With Your Family And Friends Because Of Their Differences In Background, Values Or Politics

If they don’t like you hanging out with certain friends or family members, the chances are that this is not going to change once the two of you are married, so if you don’t want to spend your life living separate lives from the people who really care about you then walk away now.

They Refuse To Try New Things Or Be Open-Minded About Anything That Doesn’t Involve Them

A relationship should be based on mutual inspiration rather than selfishness and self-absorption. If someone only wants to try new things as long as it keeps them happy and involved, their version of fun can be very different from yours even after a while.

You Don’t Feel Happy And Excited When You See Them Anymore

You used to be very happy when you saw them coming your way, but now that same excitement isn’t there, and that’s because the bond between you two has diminished in quality. You might tell yourself this is just a temporary phase, but if it goes on for weeks or months, then know that something is really wrong and their presence is no longer desired or needed in your life anymore.

Your Partner Doesn’t Meet Your Standards When It Comes To Their Financial Situation And/Or Career Goals Because They Are Too Unsure About What They Want In Life

Someone who doesn’t have their life together will not care about yours either, so if they are more concerned about what they want than where these wants might take them, then their selfishness will make you feel completely neglected until the day you finally walk away from them.

You’ve Always Been The One To Tell Them What They Were Doing Wrong And Never Let Things Slide

If this is a common occurrence, then it means that your partner wants to be in control and have nobody. Still, themselves dictate who they are supposed to be or how they should act towards everyone around them, so if someone always keeps things at an equal playing field between the two of you, know that you have found a person who can accept you as you are and doesn’t force any changes upon you because it’s not important for them to do so.

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Their Attitude Towards Life Is Too Serious Which Makes It Difficult For You To Stay Happy And Cheerful Around Them

Someone who is too serious can be draining to be around at the best of times, which means that if you have been with someone like this in the past or present, it’s time to say goodbye because their negativity will spread to every aspect of your life.

You’re Attracted To Someone Else Right Now And Wishing It Was Them Rather Than Your Current Partner

If you’ve ever been in this situation, then the chances are that the attraction has gone beyond a physical level which shows that something must have been missing from your relationship, and most of the time, it’s love. Real love is not something you can force or rush because once it happens, there is no going back, so if there are signs like these showing up more and more often between the two of you, know that it’s time to look elsewhere for someone who will appreciate all aspects of your life even when times get hard.


If you’ve noticed any of these signs in your relationship, then know that they aren’t exactly a crime, so don’t go judging them by their worst qualities but try to see the best in everything because even when things look bad, there is usually something positive hidden beneath everything that happened. If you’re meeting someone new and are wondering if they’re the right one for you, then know that the answer to this question will never be found by looking from afar, but only when you take things a step further.

It’s never easy to walk away from a relationship, but you’ll never regret it either if you know deep down that your partner is not the one for you. Nobody has the right to tell you what to do with your life except yourself because who else knows better than you what’s right and wrong for you? If someone still tries to persuade you otherwise, then they don’t deserve another second of your time, so be strong and let them go before they can hurt or disrespect you in any way.

Whether you’ve been through a rough breakup recently or just have the feeling that this isn’t working for you anymore, don’t let anyone tell you not to move on and not to try again with someone new because they are only thinking about themselves and have no idea what really matters most in your life.

Suppose you’re happy with where your relationships are at right now. In that case, there is nothing wrong with staying put but if it’s time to try something else out, then make sure not to regret any of your decisions so keep everything in perspective and know that they could be much worse than you think, so things aren’t always as bad as they seem especially when it comes to making tough choices.

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