How to Make Your Ex-boyfriend Fall in Love With You Again

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After a breakup, the most common question we get is something like, “how do I get my ex-boyfriend back?” The truth is that it isn’t always easy to get back with an ex after the initial shock of not being with him has worn off. If you want your ex to fall in love with you again, here’s what you need to do.

Send your ex-boyfriend a text

It is time you learn how to get your ex-boyfriend to chase you again if he has made it clear that he feels highly attracted to you. Chasing someone after the breakup can be a challenging task. It will usually drive men away unless they feel cornered or threatened. There is no need to worry if you are in this position right now; here are simple ways to get your ex to chase you again.

The first way to get your ex back that involves text communication is by re-igniting the romance and interest that he had towards you in the first place. You should try and stay in touch with one another, even if it is just to say hello or goodbye. If you do not interact with him when he feels attracted to you, he may think he cannot pursue you because no one else will want to interact with him.

Make him jealous

Getting my ex-boyfriend back when he is ignoring me is not easy to do, especially if you’re not sure where you stand with your man. So many things are getting pretty complicated, especially when a person in love decides to break up with you after the breakup. People in love are just at a loss of words as they are scared to make even move since they don’t understand what’s right and don’t really know what to do anymore.

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I can understand their feelings, but it doesn’t mean that they have to give up on hoping that things will work out between them and their ex-boyfriend. There is only one thing that matters when it comes to getting back with someone: the need for communication. You have to make sure that you can establish yourself again with your man, and you need to make him jealous in the process. You may find it tempting to call up your ex and beg him to come back to you and touch that missing piece of you once again. Still, the best thing to do is stay away from contact until everything has completely cooled off. This way, you can make him jealous again without actually doing anything that you’ll regret later on. It’s a proven fact that whenever you make someone jealous in the process, the chances of getting back together with them are much higher than if you don’t.

Working late can be a good thing, especially when you need to complete a big project or something else that requires you to be very focused on the task at hand. However, it can also be a reason for your man to suddenly become very complacent. He might feel sorry for himself and may be tempted to start taking his time with the breakup so that he can feel comfortable again and he won’t have to work as hard as before. If this happens, you should do everything in your power to make him jealous again. For example, starting to work even harder to prove that you’re still the girl he wants and you will always be his girlfriend. If your boyfriend sees you working even harder, he will begin to feel like there’s something wrong, and that might prompt him to take action.

Go out with his friend

How to make him beg to be your boyfriend can sometimes feel like a hopeless endeavor. Men don’t really go crazy for a woman’s feelings. In fact, they usually are pretty reserved with them and rarely show any interest in women beyond the occasional peck on the back while they are walking down the street. They don’t even show much interest in the activities you enjoy or the things you like to do unless they are forced to. How then can you begin to take advantage of the lack of interest that he has towards you? How do you make him truly desire you?

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One way to do this is to show him that he is missing out on all the fun. Men crave excitement just as much as women do, and they are very eager to find it in a woman. So go out with his friends more often and really start to play hard to get. Make sure that every opportunity he has to see you are grabbed. That he cannot wait to see you and that he is constantly trying to set up romantic evenings with you. This is the ultimate test of how to make him beg to be your boyfriend. If he cannot even go out with his friends to get a reaction from you, how can he possibly hope to form a relationship with you?

You also need to slow down your pace. You need to hold off on trying to convert his attention from you into something else. No man likes to feel as though he is being pushed around or pressured. So when you are talking with him, and he asks you out, just go for it. When you are out with him and his friends, do things that make him feel like he is making you happy and that he is important to you, and that he can count on in the future.

Be confident in yourself

Making up your mind to ask, “How can I make my ex-boyfriend my next boyfriend” is the most challenging step. There are a million things that you should think about and weigh out before you decide on the best answer for you. For example, you might want to ask him to be your boyfriend again if he has feelings for you. Or maybe you think there was something wrong with you the first time and want him back now. But, on the other hand, perhaps you met him when you were feeling depressed and want to try and get those feelings off of your chest once and for all.

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If you feel that you have found the right guy but still don’t know the answer to “how to make my ex-boyfriend my next boyfriend?” you need to be confident and convince yourself that you are good enough for him. This does not mean you push him down and tell him that you are unsatisfied. Still, you need to be confident enough in yourself to say to him what you feel without trying to manipulate him into agreeing. If you do this, he will see you as insecure, and it will just reinforce the fact that he should not be with you.

If you want to find out the answer to “how can I make my ex-boyfriend be my next boyfriend?” make sure that you do things right and be confident in yourself. Don’t be cocky, don’t act like you are better than him or that you have some kind of control over him. Instead, let him be the one to ask you the question. Act confident in yourself, and you will be able to make your ex-boyfriend be your boyfriend.

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