How To Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back

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It’s been a while since you’ve seen your ex-boyfriend, and you’re wondering how to get him back. Whether it was an argument that got out of hand or someone new caught his eye, there are ways to win him back without being too obvious or desperate.

How To Get An Ex Boyfriend Back

If you want to win your ex-boyfriend back, you’re going to need to work on both yourself and the relationship. Relationships take time and effort, but they are worth it in the end. No relationship is perfect, and yours may not always be easy or drama-free, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth the effort. If you want your ex-boyfriend back, here are a few things to remember:

Don’t Be Needy

If your ex-boyfriend is not taking the time to get back in touch with you, don’t force it. If you find yourself being overly needy by calling and texting him all the time or showing up at work, he will only feel suffocated and decide he wants nothing more to do with you. The best thing you can do for yourself right now is to put him out of his mind and go on about your life. You may want to think of this experience as a lesson learned rather than a waste of time and effort for both of you.

Keep Yourself Out Of Drama

To win back an ex, you need to make sure that what happened between the two of you did not cause other relationships to suffer. If you have spoiled your relationship with your friends, family, or co-workers by being mean or rude to them, you need to repair those damaged bonds as much as possible before trying to get him back.

Work On You

Whether you want your ex-boyfriend back for the right reasons or just because he is a habit you can’t break, focusing on improving yourself will make that man come around again. While it may not be enough for him to start seeing you the way he did when you were in love, it will certainly show him what he’s missing and brighten up his day, if nothing else.

Give Him Space To Make Up His Mind

Rather than calling or texting him repeatedly over the next few days to see if he’s coming back, give him some space to work things out. If you don’t hear from him again within a week or two, start contacting him every couple of weeks after that until there’s been enough time for him to miss you. At this point, it is safe to call and set up plans with him so you can have an actual conversation about your relationship.

Understand That You Are Not The Only One

It may make sense for you to think that getting your ex-boyfriend back means being in control of his emotions and desires, but this isn’t always the case. He may try seeing someone else at first to get you out of his system, but if he is truly missing something in the relationship, it will come back around again.

Get A New Look

One way to win your ex-boyfriend back is by making sure he realizes what he has been missing. Work on developing a new look for yourself and getting your health in order by exercising or eating better to have more energy and appear happier without too much effort. This change alone may make him want you back all over again.

Don’t Be Afraid To Show Your Emotions

When a man realizes that some woman made him miserable, he will usually try to avoid her as quickly as possible. However, if you had a terrible fight or his new girlfriend is causing problems, it can cause him to rethink letting you go without thinking about it too much. Even if you two don’t get back together, showing your emotions may help him realize what kind of person she really is. You can start by telling him how she gives you the creeps and how happier you are since the breakup.

Tips on How to Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back

If you’re wondering how to win back an ex-boyfriend, the first thing you have to do is figure out what went wrong between the two of you in the first place. This will help you understand where things are going wrong and whether or not they can be fixed. Here are some tips on how to win back your ex-boyfriend:

Be Yourself And Don’t Show Off

When trying to win back an ex-boyfriend, the last thing you want to do is try too hard or be someone you’re not. This will only cause him to feel more distant and prevent the two of you from reconnecting in a way that feels natural for both of you. Instead, relax and focus on having fun with him again so he can see how amazing things were when the two of you first got together.

Focus On The Relationship Rather Than Yourself

While your ex-boyfriend needs to know how much happier you are since breaking up with him, and it doesn’t mean that his happiness comes second to what makes you happy at any given moment. Please make sure that there are plenty of positive things happening in your own life at the same time as when you’re trying to win back an ex-boyfriend, but remember that he’s had his own positive things going on without you while apart.

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Ask Him Questions Rather Than Lecturing Him

One great way to get your ex-boyfriend to see where things went wrong is by asking him questions about what made him stop loving you. If he can’t think of anything specific or it just seems like there wasn’t a good reason for breaking up, then do some research and come up with some reasons why the two of you are over beyond the fact that it was hard having a long-distance relationship and focus on those points instead.

Show Your Ex A Better Way To Do Things

If you broke up with your ex-boyfriend because of something he did, then it’s important to show him a better way to do things this time around. For example, if you broke up with him because he cheated on you repeatedly, try not cheating on him the next time around and see how much happier both of you can be. He may have stopped loving you for a reason, but that doesn’t mean he would say no now that he fell in love with you all over again.

Don’t Be Afraid To Make The First Move

While you don’t want to be too pushy with your ex-boyfriend, being afraid of approaching him doesn’t really work. If you’re trying to win back an ex-boyfriend but think that it’s better not to do anything until he approaches you, then chances are he won’t change his mind and decide that he would rather have the two of you together again. Instead, approach your ex in a friendly manner and make sure that there are plenty of positive things happening around both of you the whole time so that it will seem like a natural step forward. People who are single for too long often forget how good it feels when they’re around someone special again and won’t hesitate to move forward with your relationship if they see that there’s nothing bad happening to hold them back.

Give Him Space To Decide What He Wants On His Own

While you may not know how your ex-boyfriend will react when you’re trying to win him back, it’s important to respect his decision even if he chooses not to take the next step at all. After all, being apart from each other for a couple of months can be very helpful in terms of figuring out what the best possible outcome would be for the two of you, and he may discover something about himself during that time that makes him feel like getting back together is exactly what he wants after all. If this doesn’t happen, though, then don’t keep pushing him to become your boyfriend again even if you love him. It’s much better to leave things as they are and respect his decision in every way possible so he can move on without feeling bad about it.

Don’t Be Overly Invested In The Relationship Your Ex Is Having Now

While it’s understandable that you don’t want your ex-boyfriend to replace you with another woman, it doesn’t mean that he isn’t allowed to have a relationship at all while apart from you. If your ex is already dating someone else or decides not to give the two of you another try for whatever reason, then it may hurt but keep tabs on how the new relationship progresses won’t change anything except make both of you feel uncomfortable. It’s much better to keep your ex-boyfriend as a friend because then you’ll know what he’s up to, and if he does decide to give things another try, it won’t feel like a betrayal since you already have a good friendship.

Don’t Let Your Insecurities Get The Best Of You

If you’re trying to win back an ex-boyfriend but have your own doubts about whether or not the relationship will work out this time around, then it can be hard to stay positive about everything, especially when there’s so much pressure on both of you from outside sources. However, don’t let these insecurities control the situation because if they do, you may start acting weird around your ex-boyfriend and push him away, even if you don’t mean to do so. Instead, remind yourself that your ex-boyfriend is the same person as before, so it would only make sense for the two of you to work out again this time around. Don’t forget that normal couples often have doubts before committing too, but they’re able to overcome those doubts because they care about each other and want to be together no matter what.

Encourage Your Ex To Spend Time With His Friends

While you must give your ex-boyfriend some space while trying to win him back, there’s nothing wrong with suggesting that he spend time with his friends after all this time apart from them. If he really loved you the way you’re hoping he still does, then he would have kept in touch with his friends even if it was only once or twice a week because it’s important to remember that socializing is good for everyone and allows people to get back on their feet after something bad happens. If your ex needs some time away from you right now but has also been staying at home all day long, then taking him out somewhere may help him realize how important it is for him to reconnect with his old life and figure out what he wants from this relationship again.

Take A Vacation To New Places Together

One of the most powerful ways to move forward with an ex-boyfriend is by going on vacation together because when you’re in an unfamiliar place, you’re encouraged to be more open-minded and positive in your outlook on life. Whether you go away for a week or two weeks, going on vacation together can be a good way to get the relationship back on track because when you get home, it’s likely that both of you will feel closer than before simply because you got the chance to experience new things together. It’s never easy trying to win back an ex-boyfriend, but it should be easier and less stressful for everyone involved with these tips in mind.

Don’t Make Any Major Moves On Him For Now

If your ex-boyfriend is the one who wants to work things out, he may be thinking of getting back with you right now but trying to get him to move forward quickly can make him change his mind again. Even though he may seem like he wants another chance at this point (and even if he doesn’t), try not to make any big moves such as getting married or moving in together. It’s best if both of you take things slowly at this point and stay in touch over the next few months, so there’s no pressure on either one of you until it’s clear that you both want the same thing once again.

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Be Open To All Ideas Of Relationship Goals

If your ex-boyfriend wants a long-term relationship while you feel more comfortable with going on several dates before deciding whether or not something full-time will work out, then let each other know what you have to say about the idea. If he can agree to your terms, you two will be able to move forward with this relationship without feeling pressured to commit too soon. After all, it’s better for both of you if you’re both comfortable where things are at and not trying so hard that either one or both of you may freak out and end the relationship again before it even has a chance to work out.

Keep The Same Friends And Interests

It might feel like something is missing from your life now that your ex-boyfriend is gone, but don’t act on these feelings by rushing into another relationship (or going on a crazy shopping spree). Instead, keep doing the same things to stay happy and occupied until your ex comes around again. You don’t want to lose the friends you’ve made while dating because even though they may not be as close to you anymore, you can always rely on them for a good time whenever you need their help or assistance. If you feel lonely, try talking to your family members instead of going out with someone else because just because there’s nothing wrong with hanging out with new people doesn’t mean that your loved ones won’t miss you now that it feels like something is missing from their lives too.

Don’t Cling To Him

Just because your past relationship didn’t work out doesn’t mean that you can’t go on to have a wonderful future with someone else. If you’re still holding onto feelings for this man, then try not to rush things and just let time move forward on its own, so if he comes back into your life later in the future, you can pick up where things left off without feeling like something is missing from your life. If you start dating right away, then it’s likely that neither of you will be able to get over each other even when it’s clear that this relationship isn’t working out anymore. Every couple goes through rough patches, but as long as both parties can work hard in their relationship and learn how to support each other, it’s possible to move forward and have a wonderful future together.

Don’t Be Afraid To Move Forward If You’re Still Itchy To Date Other People

Even though you want your ex-boyfriend back, that doesn’t mean you need to shut down any potential new relationships that come into the picture. If you feel like dating someone else will make your ex jealous (and thus coming back because he realizes what he is missing out on), then go for it if this person makes you happy and fills up the void in your life without putting yourself through unnecessary stress or heartache. Just because this man broke up with you doesn’t mean that another one won’t be able to treat you right, so don’t feel like you have to avoid dating other people just because this man decided not to come back into your life.

Be Honest About Your Feelings

If he really wants to get back together with you, then he’s going to need the truth about what you’re feeling, and don’t try playing games by keeping this information from him. If you tell him that there are feelings still between you two, then give him a chance to consider what it might be like if things changed again in the future. Just because he broke up with you doesn’t mean that either one of you is ready for another commitment at this time, so don’t force anything or make any demands that might scare him away once again. Even if there’s nothing wrong between you two, you still need to tell him how you’re feeling because if it’s the right time, he’ll come back on his own, and if it isn’t, then he can tell you what he thinks you should be doing differently to make your life better. Either way, this is a great opportunity for both of you to get close again without pushing things forward when they might not be ready to happen.

Show Your Ex You’ve Changed

If your ex-boyfriend broke up with you recently because of something that happened between you, then the chances are good that even though there are no hard feelings between the two of you anymore, he won’t easily go out with someone else who reminds him of you. So if you’ve changed your appearance in some way (either by getting a new hairstyle or losing weight), then let him know that you’ve been growing since the last time he saw you, and it’s not because you want to pressure him into coming back, it’s just because this is who you are right no and you want him to know that.

Respect His Decision

If someone broke up with you, then he’s clearly made a decision, and even if deep down inside there are still feelings between the two of you, there’s nothing wrong with respecting his choice to end this relationship because, for whatever reason, it wasn’t the right thing for both of you at this time. Even though you might not like his decision not to come back into your life, be thankful that he was honest with you from the start about what he wanted instead of just stringing you along for as long as possible before breaking up with you, now all that’s left is to respect his wishes and realize that even if things didn’t work out last time around, there would be someone special who will come along when you least expect it and be capable of making your life better than before.

Don’t Forget To Take Care Of Yourself While Waiting

If you’re really serious about having a great future with this man, then it’s important not just to sit around waiting for him because he might never come back. If that happens, then you’ll have lost out on so many opportunities to meet new people or even start planning a whole new future without him in the picture. Remember that just because this person broke up with you doesn’t mean your life is over, so make sure to keep yourself busy while waiting for his reaction and don’t forget about all of the other fun things in your life like friends, family work, and so forth. Just because you aren’t with this man anymore doesn’t mean that your life is over, so be sure to keep busy and take care of your needs without pressuring him into doing something he’s not ready for yet.

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Keep Yourself Looking Great

Although it’s tempting to change up your appearance if this guy broke up with you, that could backfire on you and make things worse than before, so don’t give in to those feelings even though they might seem like they’re in the right place at first glance. True love knows how to find its way back home again, and if a relationship between you is meant to be, then no matter what happens now or later between the two of you, everything will end exactly as it should. Don’t sabotage your chances of getting back together by making drastic changes to your appearance, keep things simple, and focus on keeping yourself as happy as possible without trying to make him jealous or upset about what happened between the two of you. True love finds a way home again, so just be prepared for it when it comes knocking because one day it will happen just like that, and when it does, you’ll be so glad that you didn’t change anything from who you really are deep down inside at the very core of your being.

Keep Contact With Him To A Minimum

If this guy broke up with you, then there’s got to be a reason behind his decision, even if he hasn’t exactly shared those reasons with you yet. For now, it might be best to keep your distance from him and not pressure him into giving you another chance just yet. If he wants you back, that will happen naturally over time, even if he doesn’t realize it right away. Just because someone breaks up with you doesn’t mean the relationship is dead, so don’t forget about all of the things that you loved about this person in the first place, and when and if the right timing comes along again, be sure to remember all of those things to help make things work out between the two of you eventually.

Don’t Forget About Yourself While In Relationships

If someone breaks up with you while you’re still hung up on them or planning a future together, then there’s probably a reason behind their decision, and you need to take a step back and ask yourself what that reason could be before you try anything else. Maybe things didn’t work out because he wasn’t really committed to this relationship, maybe he was never really into you as much as you were into him, or maybe it’s something that’s not so easy to tell in the first place. Whatever the case may be, don’t let your own emotions get in the way of what is happening between the two of you right now, even if it seems like your feelings are justified by everything going on. Remember that just because someone doesn’t want to be with you anymore for whatever reasons they might have doesn’t mean your life is over, so keep busy but don’t give up on love just because this relationship didn’t work out. The right person is out there for you sometime in the future, and that special person will love all of the things about you, even if they aren’t always aware when they meet you or come into your life.

Stay True To Yourself While Waiting For Him To Make A Decision

If someone breaks up with you unexpectedly, then it’s okay to be upset by what happened, but don’t try pressuring them into giving you another chance until they’ve had a good amount of time to think things over on their own. If anyone deserves an honest answer from another person, it’s definitely you, so make sure that he doesn’t forget about his responsibilities towards you no matter how he may feel at the moment.

Give Each Other Time To Heal

If you’ve been broken up for several days, weeks, or months, then it’s okay to take your time and heal from the breakup while still staying in contact with one another, even though it might be hard at first to keep things going between the two of you. If he cares about you enough as a person, he should respect any decisions made regarding this relationship and should never push too hard for anything more than what you want when it comes right down to it anyway. True love knows how to find its way back home again, so don’t give up on that chance just because some people can’t see how much they really mean to each other until after breaking up with them. Everything happens for a reason, so don’t forget about that when trying to make your way back into the arms of someone you love after breaking up with them in the first place.

Go Out With Your Friends And Have Fun

If this guy has broken up with you or things didn’t work out, then it’s okay to take some time away from him even while still staying friends and staying close to one another just because he doesn’t want the same path as you at the moment. There’s no sense in beating yourself up over something that happened between two people who really cared about each other but couldn’t see eye-to-eye on certain topics or issues related to their relationship together. On top of that, there’s no sense in trying to hide your feelings or pretending you’re completely fine if that isn’t the situation between the two of you anymore.


If you’re ready to get your ex back in your life, then consider this piece of advice. If he has stayed with you through all the highs and lows that come with a love relationship between two people who care about each other, then it’s okay to give him some time after breaking up before trying too hard to get him back into your life for good. Staying busy while keeping yourself open at the same time is one strategy that can be used to help bring the two of you closer together again just because it doesn’t feel like anything changed just because the two of you broke up no matter what happened between the two of you in private. By waiting for him to come back to you, rather than trying too hard to get him back into your life, you’ll be able to show him how much he means to you while not putting yourself in any danger of getting hurt by this relationship again.

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