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Every single day, millions of people log onto Tinder to find a date. The app is an amazing way to meet new people, and there are so many matches available that it’s easy to find someone with who you have the potential for a great connection. But what happens when you’re out of matches or low on coins? Read on for some tips on how to get Tinder Gold for free!

The post details different ways they can earn gold coins by completing offers, watching videos, etc. They then detail how they can use those coins to unlock features such as unlimited swipes and Super Likes, which will allow them more opportunities to find their perfect match.

What Is Tinder Gold?

Tinder Gold is an upgrade to the Tinder app that allows members to access some additional features.

Using gold coins, users can:

  • Send 50 Super Likes a day (as opposed to only being able to send one)
  • Unlock the ability to rewind swipes back by 10 seconds, which means they don’t have to worry about accidentally swiping left on someone who might actually be their match!

With extra coins, you can also:

  • Boost up your profile, so it appears first in other people’s searches and at the top of the list in popular areas instead of being buried below tons of other profiles!
  • Get more info and access photos on potential matches before deciding whether or not you want to swipe right or left!
  • Get more opportunities to find your match – no need to worry about running out of coins or time between finding matches with Tinder Gold.

Although these features might seem a bit over the top, they can really help you out when it comes to getting matches and helping you find someone with who you have even just a hint of chemistry.

But if you’re wondering how much all of this will cost, then take heart: the good news is that none of these features require real money – everything can be achieved by using gold coins that you earn in other ways such as following through on offers or watching videos. These are free methods; however, some things will require purchasing… (We’ll go over below.)

How To Get Tinder Gold For Free?

If you’re tired of paying fees for Tinder, then try these simple steps and tricks.

Here are the ways to get free tinder gold:

  1. Install a VPN app. A Virtual Private Network (VPN) can help you unlock premium features in apps like Tinder without having to use real money or spend hours trying to earn coins through other more time-consuming methods that may not even work at all. Using a VPN will give you unlimited access to Super Likes as well as allow you to see who has already liked your profile – which means no more wondering if the only people who have swiped right on your profile are bots! You’ll be able to determine whether there is any interest there before making an investment into coins by using a Super Like or sending an introductory message.
  2. Use promo codes and coupon offers. Tinder often releases short-term promos that give users a brief period of time to use various methods for getting coins. These are usually released in the form of a code, so keep an eye out for any codes you can enter within Tinder to get started faster on your way to gold! Additionally, sometimes you’ll be able to find special coupons through certain websites or online forums such as Reddit that offer free coins by following specific instructions. Some promotional offers will also allow you to complete the task multiple times to earn more free coins than usual – so always look out for those opportunities if they arise!
  3. Participate in Facebook Invites. Although these aren’t always totally free, they can definitely help you out if you’re trying to get ahead on the match-making game but need just a little bit of help along the way. All you have to do is invite your friends to join a dating app like Tinder via Facebook, and once they accept your invitation, you’ll be able to use one coin every day for 7 days! This will allow you to send an introductory message without having to spend any coins or wait until you’ve earned them on your own – plus it’s easy since all of your friends are already on Facebook and likely already using at least one dating app, whether that’s Tinder or another service entirely.
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How To Use Tinder Gold?

Now that you know how to get Tinder Gold make sure you actually use it! Use the additional features wisely and at the right times.

Right after matching with a potential match to strike up a conversation as quickly as possible. Before investing those precious coin resources into them before making an investment into coins such as Super Likes or sending messages to find out whether they have any interest before investing those precious coin resources into them..

Before swiping through too much of your feed without finding anyone worth talking to – which is why it’s so important that we talked about using a VPN app for getting unlimited access to Super Likes and the ability to view who has already liked your profile earlier on this list, using these features will help you make more matches sooner, giving people more to talk about during those first impression conversations.

After using chat and finding out that this person is actually a bot or spammy profile, you can use Tinder Gold features to quickly get past the conversation without having to swipe all the way back through your feed in hopes of finding someone else to match with.

How To Get Tinder Plus For Free?

Tinder Plus is a paid subscription that offers unlimited likes and the ability to rewind your last swipe and see who you passed over when looking for matches. Tinder Plus also means you get 5 Super Likes per day instead of just 1, allowing you to be pickier about who you want to strike up conversations with while at the same time ensuring that those people are more likely to respond to your messages since they didn’t get matched with 10 other people before even getting around to opening yours.

When trying to figure out how to do tinder without a credit card, this part of our post will offer tons of helpful information on app-specific hacks and ways in which you can use alternative methods for paying for these premium features.

  1. Get free Tinder Plus using a phone contract with T-Mobile. T-Mobile offers customers who upgrade to an unlimited plan the opportunity to receive up to 3 months of premium features on select apps such as Tinder, all for free when redeeming through their My Account settings page.
  2. Use a SIM card and get 2 more months free from your carrier. If you have AT&T or Verizon, make sure that you check out your account settings since both carriers offer 1 month of free access if you’re willing to switch over to their service (along with some other potential benefits too).
  3. Try not using Facebook or another social media platform for linking your accounts together – although this won’t always be possible!
  4. Use an alternative method for payment. When it comes down to paying, there are some other ways you can use aside from the ones mentioned in this post, such as PayPal if your Facebook account is linked up to a different email address, or even sending money via Venmo and Zelle since these services don’t require you to provide any personal information or set up a user account specifically for themselves.
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Tinder Hack App

If you’re looking for the Tinder hack app, apps such as “Tinder Plus” and “Tinder Bee” are both great options to consider. These apps allow you to use them to get free access to their premium features without being required to actually pay money (although they do offer some additional paid upgrades that can be purchased if you’re okay with doing so). With a dedicated tinder hack app, you’ll be able to swipe right on unlimited profiles at once, have an unlimited number of likes each day, and even browse through your matches before swiping through your main profile, just like paying users can!

If you’re interested in using a hack or cheats for Tinder, make sure that you only install an app from a credible source instead of risking your computer’s security by downloading something shady from the Google Play Store. With this hack app now available to download for both Android and iOS devices right now, who knows how many matches you’ll be able to get with some extra help from your new premium features!

How To Get Free Tinder Likes?

If you’re looking for ways to get free Tinder likes, there are some useful tips in this article that can help save you a lot of money if you’re planning on using the app without spending any money yourself.

First, when it comes to getting likes on tinder, we have repeatedly used one trick to send messages out to all the people who have already liked you. Although the match percentage will not be close to 1%, our success rate has been impressive, especially since swiping right and going through your main profile involves making a lot more matches than swiping through other user profiles from external websites like Instagram or Facebook. If you like someone’s photos or their profile writing, but they don’t have enough “likes” yet, try building up their confidence by liking them as well.

If you’re someone who has no problem using your matches, the chances are that you’ll be able to find your next date on Tinder without having to spend any money for premium features at all – especially when you choose to use a hack app instead of paying for the regular Tinder Plus subscription! Another great method many people use is getting 2-3 friends together and sending messages out in bulk. When it comes down to it, Tinder is a dating platform where one person likes another, so spreading out your efforts among multiple people will make things easier as long as you don’t spam anyone’s inbox too hard!

How To Get Unlimited Free Tinder Matches?

When looking for ways to get unlimited free matches on Tinder, there are many things you can do that won’t cost you any money at all.

First of all, we would recommend swiping right on everyone because quite a few people out there actually look like their pictures and don’t just use the app for hookups. The higher your match percentage is, the more likely it is that you’ll find your next date on Tinder without having to spend any money either! For those who didn’t know before, if you have paid for Tinder Plus or even swayed from using another premium feature by downloading an unofficial tinder hack app instead, one trick to work around this fee is simply clearing your account’s cookies every week to reset any counters or limits implemented by the app.

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If you’re looking for ways to get free matches on Tinder using a hack, there is one service out there that can help you run through your daily limit of likes and unlimited views on photos without paying anything at all. All you need to do is complete a simple survey for each set of eight profiles, leaving the app open for around 10 minutes each time so they can get their job done. If you’re interested in using this hack, make sure that you only download it from a credible source instead of risking your device’s security by downloading anything shady from the Google Play Store.

How To Get Free Tinder Unlimited Likes?

If you’re looking for ways to get free unlimited likes on tinder using a hack, there is one trick that some people have found helpful, which involves blocking and unblocking your account. Using this method, you will be able to send out anywhere between 1-3 messages every time you switch back and forth from the blocked mode but make sure that these matches are being used wisely. For those who were wondering if they could use different phone numbers to sign up for multiple accounts at once, the answer is no since Tinder runs an algorithm specifically designed to prevent any cheating from happening within its platform.

When it comes down to getting enough matches to get a good flow going with potential dates around your town or city, you will not have too much of a problem with finding new matches, especially when using an unlimited likes hack on Tinder. If you’re someone who has no problem using your matches, the chances are that you’ll be able to find your next date on Tinder without having to spend any money for premium features at all – especially when you choose to use tinder hacks instead of paying for the regular Tinder Plus subscription!

You never know where your next date will come from, and if they’re looking for somewhere to go tonight, it might as well be from swiping right or liking someone’s profile which gives them a chance to strike up a conversation with you. Since we all love dating apps like Tinder, whether we want our significant others or want to have a fun time, there is no reason why you should not be able to get free unlimited likes on Tinder without having to pay for the regular premium features.


Even though using Tinder Hacks or a third-party app to get free matches is not something that most people are used to doing, it can work out quite well if you’re willing to spend a few minutes every week setting up and running such an account. If you did not know about these premium features before, they don’t cost too much either, so there really isn’t any reason why you should be shelling out money each month for Tinder Plus when these services exist!

If your dream is to meet someone hot who shares similar interests as you do, the chances of finding them will only grow if you have unlimited likes without having to pay for any other premium features as well! Once match percentages start going up, the traction with more matches will only become easier as well.

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