Does He Miss Me During No Contact? (Surprisingly True Answers)

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The first thing you should know is that if he truly does miss you during no contact, there’s a chance he wants to get back together.

Let me rephrase: If he misses you and it feels like he wants to get back together, too, then you have yourself the perfect “springboard” for your final push to winning him over.

What I’m about to say next may surprise some of you. I want to throw something out there while we are at it. Ready?

If your ex-boyfriend misses you during no contact, this doesn’t mean that…

You deserve any sympathy or pity! This time around, don’t let his missed calls make YOU feel sorry for HIM. Not at all!

HE lost his chance, and you have full rights to live a happy life without him. How he feels about it is none of your concern! You are the one who is now in control of your destiny.

This doesn’t mean that you should call back right away either. You can do better than that – much better!

On the other hand, if he doesn’t miss you at all… well, this situation needs some special treatment as well. I’ll get into it later on in this article. Let’s focus on those cases when his actions prove that he misses you during no contact. Here’s what you need to keep in mind: He will take the initiative if he misses you because it’s in his nature – it’s what he does when he feels connected to someone. In other words, if you want him to wait for your call, you should make sure that he knows how much you are missing him! And by showing him that…

This is a crucial step. It will bring out the REAL “you” – the one who stands up and fights back, not the one who sits around waiting for things to happen on their own.

The right attitude can make all of the difference in this world! So please don’t forget that one. If we could all remember this simple fact once in a while, we would all be much happier.

You need to realize what is going on here: His actions prove that he is missing you! He may not be telling you that, but the fact remains that he will have some action if he misses you. The question is: What will be his next move?

Will it be a step towards getting back together with you? Or will it be something else? Something less desirable for your relationship and maybe even destructive? If you don’t want to see the latter happen, here’s what I recommend:

Please don’t wait until tomorrow… do it now. Just as soon as he reveals any signs of missing you during no contact (no matter how subtle they may be), go over to his place or call him up – right away! Be there for him, and show him that you care – even though that’s exactly what he doesn’t deserve right now.

If he steps up to the plate immediately, then this is your chance! After all, it won’t take long for you to discover if his action was a step towards getting back together with you or not. Take it and go into “Emergency Mode.”

Just remember: Any progress during no contact can only be temporary, at best. So whenever you see any sign of him missing you, do whatever it takes to turn his mood around once and for all! Do whatever it takes until he realizes that there’s absolutely nothing left between the two of you except bad memories and wasted time… which is exactly what he deserves!

Will No Contact Make Him Miss Me More?

I have found that this is a ubiquitous question, and you shouldn’t be surprised by it. I mean, let’s face it: It makes perfect sense to wonder about what your ex might feel at this very moment.

But as far as what he feels right now is concerned… well, there are few things less confident than his current feelings. And the (un)fortunately truth of the matter is this: You can never know for sure if he misses you during no contact or not – not even after he does something that proves that he indeed misses you!

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You see, here’s the thing…

When someone asks, “Does No Contact Make Him Miss Me?” … the real question isn’t just about him! The real question is:

Does He Miss Me… or Does He Want Someone Who Misses Him?

Let me explain. A man who misses his ex-wife during no contact may not be missing her (her as a person) at all… but just the feeling of being forgotten. In other words, he may be so insecure that even a hint of the distance between him and “the love of his life” can’t help but make him feel like he’s losing her. And in an attempt to fill this kind of emotional void – which is a hole within himself – he will do anything to get you back.


He might miss you AND want someone who misses him because usually, that’s what it takes for them to take action in the direction of getting back together. And if he’s doing that, then you can be sure of one thing: He wants to make YOU miss him!

And this is something that I’ve seen repeatedly happen in my relationship advice practice, as well as many others… Sometimes even from men who are happily married.

But let me ask you a question: Would you want someone who loves you so much that they will do anything and everything to get your attention? Or would you rather have someone who loves himself more than he does you?

Keep in mind that by doing so, you’ll be making room for the possibility of being with a man who will eventually (a) take you for granted and start treating you poorly – or worse, (b) cheat on you.

Why Does He Miss Me During No Contact?

I’ve already mentioned this above: A man who misses his ex-wife during no contact could just be missing her as a person… not necessarily because he loves her, but because he’s afraid of being alone. Or it may also be possible that some issues from his past make him feel like it’s hard to let go of the first woman with whom he was able to have a long-term relationship. Either way, if he misses you like crazy during no contact, don’t be surprised! After all…

Sometimes the easiest way to feel better is to do whatever it takes to get your ex-wife back and drown yourself in her “admiration and support” (her as a person), or to “make up for lost time” by spending even more time with his friends than he used to before.

And I’m sure that on some level, this will make him happy – at least until it doesn’t anymore… but we’ll talk about why men love being miserable later. In the meantime, remember: You might want someone who does miss you more than anything else… but if you’re not careful, what you’ll end up with is someone who misses you, but not enough to change his life for the better.

How Long Does He Miss Me During No Contact?

If he’s thinking about you during this time, then I wouldn’t worry too much; otherwise, if he seems to be completely fine and has already moved on in every way possible… well, it might be time to consider cutting him off entirely. But before you do that, though… because of something that I just said…

Try to figure out if he misses you as a person, or if he’s missing the idea of wanting someone who misses him… because, in my experience, it makes a big difference.

Let’s say, for instance, that your ex-husband is still calling and texting you, but sometimes his tone feels like it’s become detached or distant. If this sounds familiar, then maybe he’s quietly (or not so quietly) trying to make you feel guilty about something… which is a very toxic thing to do during no contact! Maybe even judgmental and accusatory.

But what if, instead of sounding closer to an apology or an admittance of guilt… your ex-husband seems cheerful on the phone? Even happy – like he says he’s moving on but still wants you to come back. You can bet that this is the kind of guy who misses you for a reason: He doesn’t want to let go… even if it means making you feel like YOU’VE did something wrong!

If his actions genuinely sync with his words, and he seems like a great guy (when he’s not trying to twist things around), then be careful with your next steps because they will affect whether or not you get him back – and fast. It’s also important to keep in mind that men do whatever they think will bring them love, attention, admiration, sex, and support – which sometimes means giving up some things that make them happy. This might sound like a good thing, but through my own experience, I find that it’s better to be happy… even if you’re alone.

Does He Miss Me Only Because of Sex?

It’s possible! One woman wrote me saying that her boyfriend only calls her when he wants to have sex and try new things that she doesn’t like… and when he doesn’t want to have sex anymore, he becomes distant so that he won’t feel guilty about not spending time with her. She might consider ending the relationship now if this sounds familiar… because there are plenty of other men out there who love women for their personalities – instead of just using them as objects for sex. While thinking about no contact can make anyone miss you more, there’s a big difference between missing someone because you want to be with them (even if it means giving up things) and missing someone. After all, you know that they can fulfill your needs.

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Does He Miss Me Because of Our Relationship?

Of course! Just like I said earlier: Men do whatever they think will bring them love, attention, admiration… but in the middle of all that, sometimes “love” is just a word they’re using as an excuse to get what they want; whether or not this makes them happy might not even matter. Sometimes it feels more straightforward for people to be miserable, especially when they are smart enough to realize how much happiness could cost in terms of time and effort… It’s kind of like someone who turns away from a beautiful vista because they’re afraid that it might be painful to see. They know what they’d be missing, but the pain of looking for something better seems worse… and even if this doesn’t make too much sense right now, keep it in mind as you move forward.

How Should I Feel About All This?

At times, you’ll feel sad or frustrated; other times, you may want to give up altogether… but whatever happens, try to stay focused on your plans for the future instead of getting sucked into all your emotions: You could end up making some mistakes out of anger! Just tell yourself that there’s nothing wrong with occasionally thinking about breaking contact again if it helps you feel better… or end no contact entirely and get back with your ex because there’s nothing wrong with that either. However, both of these scenarios are rare… because eventually, one truth will set you free: You’re not going to change anyone except yourself! And when it comes to getting back together in a healthy way, trust me when I say this is ALWAYS the best answer.

Should I Ignore His Calls While No Contact Is Still In Place?

Most people think that this is a good idea for two reasons: 1) If he misses you, then he’ll stop calling (and trying other things), and 2) You don’t want any extra baggage haunting you during your self-reflection. The truth is that your ex will still call, text, email, and do whatever it takes to get through to you… especially if he doesn’t know exactly what’s going on. It would help if you didn’t ignore these things completely (this can cause its own set of issues), but I’ll show you how to deal with him in a way that helps your overall situation much better than ignoring would…

How Will Ignoring Him Help Things?

This may sound strange at first, but when you ignore someone while they’re trying to contact you without knowing any of the details about why things have changed – then it does help: It helps them move on! When people try getting someone who ignores their calls or even avoids a meeting, they automatically assume their ex sees someone else. It’s like a light switch turns on in place of any lingering feelings… just as long as you don’t give them an opening to stay close. It’s that easy!

How Can I Expect Him To See How Much Better Things Could Be If He Keeps Trying?

The better things are for both of you in terms of your lives and relationships, the easier it’ll be for him to see these improvements… especially if he’s been around when these things were getting better. The thing is, making significant changes doesn’t happen quickly – even if someone’s motivated, it takes a while… and the less motivated someone is to change things for the better, the longer their self-improvement process will take. Even though this can be frustrating for you right now, try not to get too upset: It’ll just slow you down.

If I Let Him Back In Now, Will He Be More Motivated To Make Things Changes?

I don’t believe that you can motivate anyone else to do or be anything that they’re not already inspired to do or be; instead of looking at motivation as something that changes from day-to-day or even hour-to-hour, try thinking about how certain people have more drive than others – and what role their life plays in this!

What If He Really Misses Me?

If he really misses you, he’ll be there when your no-contact period is over… and if not, then that’s a good sign for both of you in terms of moving forward. However, it’d be nice to think that it isn’t this black and white – that there are still some gray areas involved: Sometimes people miss someone so much that they just long to see them smile or hear their voice, even if they’re not ready to start over with anything serious again. In a way, these are the best type of feelings for an ex-lover to have… because they can fill a void without requiring any changes!

How Long Should No Contact Last?

This works differently for every situation; however, if you’re still in a relationship (no matter how toxic it may be), then no contact should last until the relationship ends. This may mean several hours or even weeks of no contact – but I’ve learned that this period can be far less painful than expected! Just remember to make sure things finish off in a way that’s respectful and healthy for both parties: Even though your ex deserves to know where things are going, so do you.

Will He Call Me Again If I Ignore His Calls While No Contact Is In Place?

Yes… and no! It depends on his personality and level of motivation when he makes his next move, but ignoring him while no contact is in place can speed things up and help him get over you for good (without having to call or try to meet with you again). However, if he’s one of those guys that has a hard time moving on from past loves once they’re over, it might take some serious effort on his part to make that second call.

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What If Ignoring Him Doesn’t Help At All?

If no contact isn’t helping or if he still won’t seem to move on even when it’s been several weeks after your breakup, then I’d advise making an appointment (to discuss the situation) with an attorney who’s experienced in family law, property division and other related matters… because otherwise destructive behaviors may begin without warning.

Will I Miss Him?

Yes, but you’ll likely be able to miss him without significant feelings. After all, if you’re willing to go through this process at the end of a relationship (when both parties are still in love), then your ability to recover from heartbreak has already improved so much – and will continue improving as long as you don’t let yourself get pulled back in!

Will He Miss Me More Than I Miss Him?

It depends on what his expectations for you were when you were together – however, and it’s more likely he’ll feel like he misses less about or with you than vice versa. In fact, not only is it possible that we’ll never forget someone different than they may have been, but also that we can all move on with our lives much easier than others may when a relationship ends.

Will He Forget About Me?

There’s no way to know for sure since each of us moves through life differently – however, I’d say there’s a good chance he won’t forget about you or the time you spent together (whether it was brief or long-term). If this is something that makes you uncomfortable, then I’d suggest learning how to let go and letting your feelings flow in their direction without trying to force him out of your mind… after all, it isn’t as complicated as we sometimes make it out to be.

Does No Contact Help Him Move On Faster?

Yes! I’d say that no contact is probably the best way to help both of you get over an ex-lover quicker than other coping methods like writing letters, picking fights, and/or remaining friends after a messy breakup.

Will He Miss Me If I’m Not Around?

Yes! Even if it’s not love – there’s something about being with someone for any time that makes them feel (at least a little) like they’re missing out on something when their lives don’t include them anymore.

Does No Contact Work For Men Too?

Yes – and regardless of how much or how little he calls, texts, or shows up in your life while no contact is in place, he’ll still likely be able to move on and forget about you sooner rather than later (which means this better be your last time breaking up with him!)

Does No Contact Help Him Get Over Me Faster?

Yes, because it prevents other destructive behaviors that can prolong the breakup process and keep both of you stuck. I’d say no contact is the best way to release yourself from a bad relationship for good (by giving him everything he needs to move on).

Can He Miss Me And Be Done With Me At The Same Time?

Yes! Remember: When we miss someone, we’re just missing what they provided us… or at least, what WE thought they were going to provide us by being in our lives. However, even if our exes still have feelings for us, they can still move on with their lives even if we’re not in them anymore.

Is There A Way To Tell If He Misses Me?

Yes, but you’ll most likely be able to tell whether or not he misses you by the way he responds when no contact is made between you two (simply because that’s how jilted lovers react in such situations – especially if someone likes them)! Additionally, he may also show signs of missing someone else during your breakup. For example: If your ex continues using any social media after a breakup and/or suddenly starts “liking” people online that hasn’t ever seemed interesting to him before… then it’s possible he’s feeling a little nostalgic for you (at least a little).

How Long Does It Take To Get Over Someone Missing You?

It depends on how much he was relying on your presence in his life when no contact is made – as well as the length of the relationship you had and what it looked like before you broke up. However, just because moving on from someone takes time doesn’t mean that things can’t move forward quickly… so if this isn’t your last breakup with him (and I hope it’s not), then get ready to speed things along by learning how to communicate effectively with him after no contact has been put into place!


So, are you done with him – or just wishing you were? Either way, no contact is a great way to make the breakup process go a little smoother. However, it’s always better to release yourself from someone entirely so you can move forward and/or begin dating again (instead of wasting time putting up with someone who’s holding you back from living your best life)… the more final you make a breakup, the sooner it will be over!

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