The Longest Day of The Year

A little motivation to take your daily tasks outside this summer.
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When was the last time you made the most of the weather? I am not talking about the extensive planning of family vacations, more along the "Wow, it is a gorgeous day - let's have dinner outside." variety. 

This week I had an evening work meeting and instead of meeting up at a coffee shop or restaurant, inspired by the summer solstice, I moved the location outdoors. Summer goes by way too quickly to not take advantage of the longest day (= most sunlit hours) of the year.


We hopped on our bikes, filled a backpack with a few necessities: apples, chocolate and wine (specifically Bota Box - which is perfect for backpack transport), then hiked around a favorite nearby trail and set up a mini picnic for discussion. 


Here's the crazy thing: I expected it would be a refreshing change of pace, even if just talking numbers and logistics. What I did not expect is how this simple change would foster a much longer, creative conversation. How mixing up the familiar and staid would open us up to discuss fear and excitement, the beauty of collaboration and the sometimes lonely path of working for yourself. We were vulnerable and present, the types of talks that sticking to business as usual does not always lend itself to. 


After spending a few hours outside (sunset was not until 9:11 that day), we left the park feeling productive and inspired, open and focused. The meeting has motivated me to adopt this approach for the remainder of the summer. When possible, meet outside: bring the wine, apples and chocolate and let the rest organically unfold. 

p.s. Another activity we love to take outdoors: impromptu happy hours