How To Create A Sacred Space With Feng Shui

If happenings in the outside world have you feeling harried, try tuning up the energy in your home to promote positive vibes.
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Image Credit: Jordan Grace Owens

Image Credit: Jordan Grace Owens

The energy we pour into our homes gives attention to whatever we desire. At its best, that energy is a devotion to possibilities beyond our immediate reach; it’s a daily practice in self-love and gratitude; and it’s a way of adhering to the healthy order of our things. 

While we have little control of what happens beyond our sidewalks, the way we live in the quiet, intimate moments inside our abodes carries a silent potency to change our outer world. By caring for our homes as sacred space, we honor both our spiritual roots and our cosmic connection to the whole, and we ultimately foster positive energy. 

If you’d like to curate sacred space inside your house, here are a few simple shui starting points to guide you there:


Image Credit: Woodnote Photography

1. Learn what you really love.

When we know what we love, it impedes impulsive purchases and potential clutter. And by fostering an appreciation for what we’ve got (instead of what we want), we begin to instinctually choose love over like. So, it’s worth figuring out what makes you gush. Discernment encourages us to carefully consider our choices and intercept anything that would compromise our energy. Collaborate with love, and our homes naturally become sacred space – a reflection of what truly nourishes and nurtures us.

Image Credit: SarahLou Francis

Image Credit: SarahLou Francis

2. Make it clear.

Our homes say a lot about us, so it’s essential to have at least one space or nook that squeals, “This is so me!” A little enthusiasm here and there amplifies everything. How? When we harness good energy, it improves how we feel; when we feel better, we become better; and this one upgrade transforms how we show up for others and ourselves. So, make your favorite spot current, fresh and reflective of who you want to become, not just where you’ve been. Ask yourself: does the imagery and décor pull me forward or hold me back? Make it clear what matters most and tune up this energetic sweet spot regularly. Even if it is simply a corner, it will honor your essence and remind you to really show up, wherever you go.


3. Mind your words.

Think about your daily pirouetting of words, because even something as innocuous as one simple word spoken in a space can affect how that space feels. Place a high premium on your vocabulary, and the words spoken in your home will become the brush strokes of sacred space. Curtail complaining; be mindful of the media saturating the walls; speak consciously; and pattern your language so it protects that holy connection to your intentions. Make appreciation so ubiquitous in your home, the energy feels palpably spruced.

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4. Pay attention to the little things.

Don’t overlook pesky problems and disruptions that seem small. When we are exposed to little annoyances repeatedly, it’s like water dripping onto a stone. At first, nothing looks affected. However, with enough time, the water drip will wear a hole into the rock. Likewise, if we perceive struggle in our surroundings and leave it unaddressed, we eventually experience internal struggle, too. Replace the burned out bulbs; fix the leaky faucet; pull the weeds; purge the pantry before restocking it; and drive those boxes over to the donation center. By taking conscious care of our spaces, we take care of ourselves, using our power to consciously create a positive atmosphere. And by transforming our homes into sacred space this way, we effortlessly plug into cosmic intelligence and instant love. 

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