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Our favorite links from around the web this week.
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Image Credit: Alpha Foodie

Image Credit: Alpha Foodie

We're diving deep this weekend: into life, a pool, maybe even the ocean. Hoping the same for you! As always, wise words from around the web we know you will enjoy. Happy reading, friends.

The place where letters to Hillary Clinton go. Fascinating, hopeful and heartbreaking.

“But instead, I got in the car, put my headphones in, and sobbed like a three-week-old boy, lamenting over the fact that my very own three-week-old boy wasn’t aware, but dad had just chosen work.”

How to raise a feminist son. Yes.

“That Wonder Woman unleashes her wrath only when she’s exposed to inhumanity raises a question that belongs at our dinner tables: What is the purpose of having power?”

Lessons learned from an activist family.

Such wise words.

Well if this just isn’t the perfect picture of summer.


p.s. On finding a mantra