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Our favorite links from around the web this week.
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Image Credit: Annie Lebowitz via Vanity Fair

Image Credit: Annie Lebowitz via Vanity Fair

Enjoy the holiday weekend, friends! We hope it's long and lovely. We will be taking the week to slow to a summer speed but will be back July 10th. In the meantime, as always, a few links we think are worth the read. 

“Here's the thing about loving people: you wind up acting in two distinct ways when you do. There are the things you do because you have to. And there are the things you do because you want to.”

Serena Williams on motherhood, sport and her evolution.

In defense of traditional journalism (and opting out of the relentless news-of-now cycle).

How to be a human leader.

College students want to talk about sex (they just don’t know how).

What to eat before, during and after working out (advice from an expert).

“But people also tell me to savor this time. ‘I hope you’re enjoying it!’ they say as my son goes all passive-resistance on me, collapsing into a boneless puddle on the floor while I’m trying to put on his coat. ‘They will only be this young once.’ I know. But I want to say, ‘So will I.’”

And, a few delicious desserts to make this weekend.

p.s. On making the hard just a bit easier.