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Illustrations by Marine De Quénetain via GOOP

Illustrations by Marine De Quénetain via GOOP

It's officially summer! Long live lazy carefree days. As always, a few thoughtful reads to usher in the weekend—have a good one, friends!

Stand up, fight back, speak out.

More women get Alzheimer's than get breast cancer. Why aren't we talking about it more? Maria Shriver aims to fix this.

“Because that’s what it was like before the Internet. You made your own fun.”

How to push past your anxieties and act already.

The sustainable seafood guide (for all those summer recipes!).

Just another reason to get outside: how walking in nature changes the brain.

Feminist books for kids — a great reminder that boys and girls are born equals and both are capable of tremendous things.

“It’s easy to blame external influences but the truth is that Nobody is needed to validate our wildest dreams. Launching is a process of Self.”

p.s. Fueling our wanderlust!