Try This: 2 Minute Breathing

Feeling tense this week? We find this tried and true technique helpful this time of year - a timer is all you need to help find the calm your mind and body craves.
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Image Credit: Erika Raxworthy

Image Credit: Erika Raxworthy

A great reminder worth re-sharing as we start a new week. 

As women, we're often expending the bulk of our energy meeting the needs of others and this week is no exception. As a result, the elusive "me" time can be hard to find - and even harder to integrate into our daily routine during the holidays. Here, our wellness guru Brita Grothe offers a simple and easy method to take a reprieve from your racing mind - wherever you are...

Set a timer in your phone to go off every hour or so. When the alarm sounds, take two minutes to feel the breath in your lower belly.

Easy enough, right? Here's why it works:

It's incredibly common for people to live most (if not all) of the day in their head, so the breath moving in and out of our lungs reminds us that our thoughts are not the totality of our experience. Simply noticing that the simple act of breathing occurs without any effort on our part can remind us - on the most visceral level - that life happens naturally on it's own. We don’t need to plan for and control everything. After a few rounds you will see, ever so magically, your mind and body begin to relax.

Give it a go - you might be surprised at how easy it is! Ready, set... breathe!

p.s. Stress is inevitable, but what if you could stress less