Modern-Day Penpals

With help from our friends at Zappos we learn the endless possibilities for modern clothing design, and how it helped bring two penpals closer together.
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This post is sponsored by Zappos. 

A few weeks ago my oldest son came home from school talking about his penpal. He was thrilled at the thought of keeping in touch with a new friend who lived across the city and went to a different school. 

He showed me his first letter and told me all about his buddy, Eli. When I commented on Eli's beautiful penmanship, he said "Oh, he cannot write Mom". I promptly questioned him about this statement and responded with "Well yes, he most certainly can write. He wrote this letter himself." And it was then explained that yes, Eli had indeed thought of the letter content, but he did not physically write it. "He has someone that does that for him, Mom. Eli has special needs and he cannot work his hands."


We spent some time talking I discovered that my first grader was actually much more in-tune with the needs of those around him than I had thought or expected (they truly do absorb EVERYTHING). So when Zappos reached out with an opportunity to support and promote their new line, Zappos Adaptive: Functional and Fashionable Products to Make Life Easier, consisting of three collections that will be catering to children and adults with disabilities, I immediately thought of Eli. I shared the line with Winslow and asked if he might be interested in sending a few items to his new pal. After taking care of some due diligence, I was able to connect with Eli's parents, who were thrilled to learn of the Adaptive pieces and eager to try it out (they were specifically very excited to hear about the reversible clothing, since getting dressed in the morning can be a somewhat time consuming task). 


In his next letter, Winslow asked Eli a few pertinent questions like his favorite color and if he was a local sports fan? Eli's response arrived a week later, same handwriting, different details. Eli likes baseball, loves music, wants to be a scientist when he grows up and loves the color blue. He sweetly signed off "Write back soon!". 

We sat down to check out the Adaptive line selection and chose three items my son liked (and of course hoped Eli would like too): a super soft, reversible tee, 4 way reversible pants, a reversible long-sleeved raglan tee and a new baseball hat for good measure. 

After dropping the package at the mailbox, I told my Winslow that I was proud of him for thinking of his friends and their needs. He then replied, "You shouldn't be proud mom, Eli would do the same thing for me." 

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