How To Date Yourself

A new take on the self care movement.
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***  Uber has been my (and my family's...but, more on that later) my go-to ridesharing app for the past 3 years. As a single-car family in a large city, we have relied on Uber for work, play, appointments, interviews and everything in between. However, the recent press relating to the company had me feeling very conflicted. Can I be a feminist and still support Uber? Can I be pro-immigration and still support Uber? Can I be a small business owner and still support Uber? Can I be a mother, raising two boys, and still support Uber? I was unsure.

When I read the Arianna Huffington joined the Uber board, I was relieved and impressed. Here was a woman I admire leading the charge to create an ideal work environment in a company that employs 13,000+ employees (and provides much-needed options to people like me). With that in mind, I still use Uber...and I do so with an open and inquisitive mind. I chat with drivers, ask about their feelings on the company, and I tip, because I always have. I say this not as justification, but more in full disclosure. Yes, we use Uber. Yes, I work with Uber and yes, I am very optimistic about the changes I hope to see at this company in the near future. With that said - on to the post! 


Have you ever taken yourself on a date? This was a somewhat foreign concept to me until recently when I sheepishly admitted to a friend that I have never seen a movie by myself. Yes, I have watched hundreds of films from the comfort of my own home, but going solo to a theater, popcorn in tow, searching a dark theater for a seat for one? Nope, at least - not yet.. 


Seeing a new release is a favorite indulgence. There is something about the experience of going out that cements the film (good, bad or indifferent) in my mind unlike when watching from my own familiar surroundings. Encouraged by the same friend to partake in a bit of "me" time, I ventured out, not for a my usual variety of self care ( running, yoga or acupuncture), but for a movie, alone. 

We've mentioned our work-arounds as a single-car family, Uber is our go-to resource for travel in the city when parking is tight or transport options are slim (like when your oldest has a baseball practice at the exact same time as the flick you have been dying to catch).


I scheduled an UberX, because per usual, I was running late and missing the previews during my first solo movie was not an option (when I have more flexibility on time I prefer Uber Pool). I arrived at the movie with minutes to spare, grabbed my popcorn and settled in for a few hours of uninterrupted entertainment. 


Now, I am a solo-movie devotee; it is actually on my monthly calendar. The practice has encouraged me to move outside of my comfort zone, to reclaim my independence and to remember that it is ok to try something new. It's funny how a small activity can stimulate a big change in perspective. 

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