3 Summer Beauty Trends We Love

We tend to be creatures of habit when it comes to our makeup regime, but these three summer trends can be easily adopted by even the most conservative beauty lover.
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When summer rolls around we are all about minimalism in the way of food and style, our beauty routines are no exception. With Memorial Day only a month away (Welcome May!), we scouted the latest trends in summer makeup and per usual, will be embracing the easiest and breeziest of them all. Here are three we cannot wait to try! 


Blush: bold blush on cheeks and lips (and lipstick used as blush) were popular trends on the spring 2017 runway. Juxtaposed with a clean, minimal makeup elsewhere, this looks is easy to embrace and execute. 

Image Credit via Najjla Kaddour

Image Credit via Najjla Kaddour

Glow: Matte faces no more! This summer we are loving the "glow" effect. Highlight eyes and cheeks with subtle glow balm, or DIY your own shimmer with a nice workout and a little summer humidity.


Bold Lips: Call us biased, but this is our favorite look...mostly because it is one already used in our repertoire. It is hard to dispute the ease and effect of a bare face and a bold lip. Added bonus: it is about as low maintenance as it comes! 

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