10 Unique Mother's Day Gifts

Of course, family time is a present enough – but Mom deserves a bit of extra pampering, no? Here are the 10 gifts at the top of our list.
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Image Credit: Darling Clementine

Image Credit: Darling Clementine

With Mother's Day fast approaching, we turned to our resident mama-in-chief, Lindsay Meyer-Harley – otherwise known as our Family Editor, plus the owner of the children's shop Darling Clementine and parent to two sweet kids – to ask what's on her gift wish list. From bags to beauty products and more, here are all the goods she's lusting after this year, both for herself and for well-deserving moms everywhere! 

To Buy: Faye Dress by Doen ($378)

To Buy: Faye Dress by Doen ($378)

I see myself wearing this dress on trips to the farmers market (because why not dress up on a Saturday morning?) or on a night out without the kids!

To Buy: Linen Sheets by West Elm ($44-259)

To Buy: Linen Sheets by West Elm ($44-259)

Our outdated bedding was a wedding gift in 2008. It's time to revamp, and this soft, classic set feels like the perfect cozy option. 

I'll be tossing this on at the beach or pool while wrangling the kids and trying to look chic at the same time!

Every mama needs another place to stash things, right? This netting makes for easy visibility and access, for all that stuff that always seems to get buried at the bottom of a typical bag.  

This combination of three skincare products is my secret to glowing, ageless skin (to mask any spots or wrinkles, motherhood-induced or not!). 

I received one of morninglight's gorgeous gift sets before and adored everything inside. Now, I used the wooden box as a keepsake to stow cards and artwork from my little ones. 

For the rare date night out with my husband, I'll be carrying this fiery pouch in hand. 

Every girl loves a rainbow, and this one has a beautifully updated pastel palette – a sweet decor piece to hang in any room in the house.

I show off my mama status proudly, and this shirt makes sure I wear it front and center. 

This lovely print – perfect to prop on the nightstand – is a testament to everything a mother juggles and all the weight she carries on her shoulders with joy and grace.

p.s. This vegan and gluten-free tabbouleh could be just the thing for Mother's Day brunch.