10 Green Gifts For Mother's Day

Give a gift to mom and Mother Earth with these environmentally-friendly products.
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Image Credit: The Bouqs Company

Image Credit: The Bouqs Company

Sacha Dunn is the founder of Common Good, which produces plant-based, eco-friendly and pet- and kid-safe soaps and cleaners. Since she's both an environmentally-savvy business owner and a "green mama," we asked her to show us what's on her wish list for Mother's Day presents this year. She shared these ten eco-inspired goods — perfect treats for both moms and Mother Nature. 


1. To Buy: Daily Roller ($140 NZD)

This mountable roller makes a sweet and stylish outlet for to-do tasks, grocery lists and those extra special projects that need some room to workshop. (Just remember to recycle the scraps, too!)


2. To Buy: Just the Essentials: How Essential Oils Can Heal Your Skin, Improve Your Health, and Detox Your Life ($15)

You don't have to have a Masters in essential oils to love this book. Adina Grigore makes the subject simple and accessible for everyone, including any mom who could use a bit of an at-home spa treatment.


3. To Buy: Gardening Caddy ($36)

Just in time for picking season, this woven basket will bring out the inner gardener in anyone. Pair it with a few packets of seeds and propose a mother-daughter afternoon in the dirt. 


4. To Buy: Vegan Leather Clogs ($256)

These are the most comfortable clogs I own. They're cute but practical (with no animals harmed in their making), and I love the summery pop of yellow with each step. 


5. To Buy: Common Good Linen Water in Lavender ($25)

I haven't ironed once since starting to use this linen water. Just a few spritzes (made with 100% pure essential oil scents, sans synthetic fragrance and phthalates) successfully de-wrinkle clothes and bedding, leaving them fresh and new again. I keep a bottle on my desk at work, so I never walk out the door with unfortunate outfit creases. 


6. To Buy: Dot Pour Over ($53)

I'm a big fan of all of Mociun's ceramics, but this pour over with matching mug brings me a little bit of extra joy every morning. 


7. To Buy: Bee's Wrap Assorted Set of 3 ($18)

This plastic wrap alternative does the job and looks adorable while minimizing plastic waste. It's great for work snacks, dinner leftovers and kids' lunch boxes alike!


8. To Buy: Kontex Organic Cotton Towels ($105)

These 100% organic cotton bath towels are durable, but they feel as soft as cashmere and look great in any bathroom. 


9. To Buy: Floral Bouquet Subscription (price varies)

What could be better than a fresh bunch of organic, locally-grown flower arrangements delivered every week? Keep the Mother's Day love coming, long past May, with a summer floral subscription.


10. To Buy: Parachute Linen Throw ($169)

This lightweight classic looks great draped over furniture, but it works equally well to keep shoulders warm on cool spring and summer evenings. 

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