Welcome Home: Meagan Floris' Bright & Springy Space

With its neutral tones, ample greenery and perfectly placed mementos, this San Diego house provides the perfect interior inspo for spring.
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Photography: Meagan Floris

Photography: Meagan Floris

At this bright and blooming time of year, we tend to crave a sweep of spring cleaning to bring the new seasonal energy indoors. As we sweep away the winter cobwebs and tuck the thick, heavy knits into cabinets, there’s no better source of inspiration than calligrapher and photographer Meagan Floris’ home. The multitalented creative has infused her space with crisp whites and fresh flowers, creating an atmosphere that feels open, airy and unfussy with just the right amount of quirk. We asked her a few questions about her design philosophies, heirlooms and more, while she gave us a glimpse around – take a look for yourself, below!


How long have you lived in San Diego, and what drew you to your current apartment?

This May will mark our second year in San Diego, and we have lived in this current space for the last year. This apartment was a lucky find. My husband and I were searching on Craigslist, and this apartment was one of those ads with no details or good photos. But we were leaving no stone unturned, so I called up the tenant and made an appointment to see it. I was pleasantly surprised to see so many charming details, like the fireplace, windows, and even a view!


Did you decorate all at once when you moved in, or has it been a gradual and ongoing process?

Decorating has been an ongoing process. Most of the furniture, we brought over from our previous house, and some was bought shortly after moving in to solve some problems (like the stainless steel table for extra prep space in the kitchen.) But when it comes to the little things, I like to collect items over time that bring me joy and spark a memory. I feel like home decor will always be an ongoing process as taste, homes and circumstances change.


Your home feels so fresh and airy, with plenty of bright light and white space. Do you have a design philosophy or an atmosphere you’re after?

Thank you! I have those bay windows to thank for the bright light! I don’t think I’ve ever thought about having a certain design philosophy. However, I do have a pretty particular taste and only buy or display things that I enjoy. I even annoy myself by putting too much effort into picking out solely functional things – haha! I’m drawn to a mixture of modern, Scandinavian and English countryside elements. I want to create an atmosphere of thoughtfulness, approachability and creative inspiration.


We love the glimpses of your calligraphy scattered around on labels and banners! How else does your career as a calligrapher and photographer affect the set-up or aesthetic of your apartment? 

Awh, thanks! Hand lettering has always been an easy go-to for adding some interest to everyday goods (like the spices and hand soap). I think being a photographer has helped me understand light, and it caused me to make good light a huge priority when apartment hunting.


Do you work from home, and if so, how do you make that comfortable and productive?

I do most of my calligraphy and photo editing at home! I’m also a full-time student, so I spend a lot of time on campus, working on projects. But I have a nice little desk in front of a window where I set up camp for edit/design marathons, and it’s also a great surface for lettering. 

It’s both easy and super difficult to be productive at home. On one hand, I feel comfortable and have all my supplies near by, but on the other hand, I’m a professional procrastinator and find myself reorganizing the closet for the fourth time, just to avoid answering emails.


What’s your favorite room or corner, and why?

Hmm…that’s a hard one. But I’d have to choose my main living space. It’s sort of a catch-all. It’s where we relax and wind down, it’s where I get the most work done during the day, and it’s where our friends hang out when they visit. The bay windows in our living room frame a really pretty view of our neighborhood, and it’s fun watching the world go by. It also has that huge white fireplace which is my favorite feature of our home!


And what about the smaller details – what’s your favorite accessory, memento or other décor item, and why?

My favorite decor items are the ones that carry sentimental value, like a little trinket from my grandma, a rose made of wood shavings my husband made me when we first started dating, Mr & Mrs banners my mom and sister made us for our wedding, and a film camera I bought off a friend in Germany.

I’m also pretty attached to our coffee table. My husband made it the summer before we got married. He put so much work into it, and it’s the piece we use the most often and that gets the most compliments!


How do you want people to feel when entering your space (yourself included)?

I want there to be an element of comfort, something familiar to a space they’ve seen before, but when they take a closer look I hope they can find aspects that are unique to me. An example of that would be the rocking chair that’s similar to the one their grandpa had, but art pieces, textiles and design elements that they’ve never seen before. Above all, I want my guests (and myself) to feel at ease when they walk in. 


Is there any practical aspect, be it an organizational hack or a housekeeping routine, that has been most key in making your space livable?

I’m weirdly aware and bothered by clutter, and I do my best to reduce mess on a daily basis, instead of letting it build up. I have a hard time relaxing when I know there’s a mess somewhere in the house. But I’m also hugely sentimental and love collecting unnecessary pretty things. So to appease my two opposing sides, I’ve come up the a “decor swap” routine. I don’t throw much away that is sentimental or that I love, but I also don’t display all of it. I have a drawer in my closet where I keep decor pieces that I like, and every season or so, I’ll swap it out with some decor on display. It’s a great system, because I get to keep things I love and it feels like I have a totally new space when I swap things out! 


What are three essential things that you think make a house a home?

An abundance of tea options, people filling the space, and fresh flowers…always fresh flowers.

p.s. This bright, textile-filled home is another one of our favorites.