5 Essentials for An Impromptu, Stress-Free Spring Happy Hour

We know, we know - tips for hosting something impromptu sounds a bit counterintuitive, but just hear us out: we've found that spontaneity is often more approachable when you have these 5 essentials on hand.
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We have a not-so-secret confession: we are happy hour lovers! Living in the PNW, happy hour season typically kicks off in spring - we cannot deny the opportunity to dine al fresco and casually sip wine outside with friends. It has become a ritual of sorts, a reason to bring people together when the sun peeks through and temps slowly start to rise. 


The  gatherings are often not planned but spontaneous (just like the weather), a quick call or text to alert your friends + a few essential ingredients are all that is required. We consider ourselves experts on impromptu get togethers and  have perfected the art of hosting on the fly. As long as we have the following 5 items on hand, the rest is cake (which can also be added, should your cravings lean more towards the sweet than savory). 


A great, Dry Rose or a light and crisp Sauvignon Blanc are our springtime go-to varieties. Instead of buying bottles, we opt for Bota Box, it is delicious, portable (read: can easily be brought inside should April showers arrive) and can accommodate a group of any size. Also, there is no leftover wine waste, literally. We keep the unused wine in the fridge for up to a month, and the box itself is 100% recyclable once empty. (Editor's Note: not that you need an excuse, but this is the perfect wine for any Earth Day celebrations on the horizon. Bota Box has partnered with the Arbor Day Foundation in support of reforestation - they have helped plant over 200,000 trees across the nation! )


Your preference or whatever is on hand (be it pretzel sticks or flatbread), it is honestly all about ease. Recently we have been particularly keen on gluten-free crisps and different raw and soft, spreadable cheeses. 

Almonds never fail us, and if we are feeling especially fancy we will whip up a batch of these simple, rosemary infused Marcona Almonds - they are delicious and only take 5 minutes to prepare! 

Raw, pickled, what-have-you, we love what's snackable and seasonal in most any form!


Perhaps the most obvious, but also the most necessary. While we've made the ingredient list easy and all within arms reach from your kitchen, we willl leave the company selection to you. One small unsolicited piece of advice: ask the friends who leave formalities and small talk at the door, and who are always open to pick up one of the aforementioned items should your pantry fall short. 

This post is sponsored by Bota Box, a wine we drink and love. All opinions (and wine selections) are our own. Thank you for supporting the brands that make Clementine Daily possible!