Welcome Home: Marta Sulocka's Bright and Beautiful Textile-Filled Home

Bright whites meet graphic textile patterns and treasured art in this airy but cozy home.
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As the self-taught pattern and textile designer behind Made of Cloth, Marta Sulocka creates stunning fabrics that make for beautiful but purposeful homewares, equally casual and refined. We were curious to see how her aesthetic sensibilities inform her own dwelling space, so we took a little tour and asked a few questions about her inspirations, design philosophies and more. Enjoy the glimpse inside her beautiful world, below!

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Tell us a little about your place. How long have you lived here and who shares the home with you? 

My husband and I bought the house six years ago and have been updating it and making it our own ever since. We share the space with four cats, one dog and a lizard – she is "free-range," does not have a cage and goes wherever she pleases around the house.

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Your space is so bright, yet still incredibly stylish, cozy and inviting. What is your design philosophy? 

I truly believe that decorating and finding your style is a long process that cannot be rushed, and your home should be a reflection of you. It's a journey that can teach a lot about who you are actually, what is important to you in life. 

We fill our house with pieces we love, items that have a meaning to us. I was born and raised in Poland and we travel to see my family and friends at least once a year, taking time to go somewhere else in Europe as well – we have visited several countries and always make sure to buy a piece of art and bring it home. All the paintings, pictures, vases you see remind us of places and people. I have also brought several family heirlooms that make me feel better being so far away from my parents.

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You design a line of textiles. Do you work from home? If so, how does your line impact the interior aesthetic of your space and vice versa? 

Yes, I stand behind Made of Cloth, a textile studio specializing in home fabrics and pillows, and I do work from home – we converted our spare bedroom into a small studio space that I run my business out of. 

The aesthetic of my work intertwines with what I like and believe in, when it comes to interior design and life in general. One of the reasons I started the company was not being able to find fabrics and patterns I would like to bring into my home. I wanted to create high-quality but livable and casual fabrics that would have organic but universal patterns. I only use pure linen and print my fabrics either digitally or screen print by hand – both processes use very little water and are safe for the environment. I would describe my style as modern organic with a hint of minimalism. I am not a huge fan of loud colors or extreme patterns. It's all about balance and finding the right mix that makes you happy every day. Plus, white makes everything look better.

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How do you want people to feel when entering your space? 

I want them to feel like they have a sense of who I am the second they enter my house.

What is your favorite room in your home and why? 

Our living/dining/kitchen open space. We have renovated every inch of that area, tearing down the kitchen to bare studs and rebuilding with our own hands on a tight budget, building the island, removing the popcorn ceiling, refinishing the floors, etc. I have also repainted several times – I swear we must have lost some square footage from the layers of paint on the walls. The amount of work, sweat, tears and very often frustration we have poured over the years will keep this space special forever. 

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Do you have a favorite piece or memento?

There are few things very close to my heart – pieces or art and china that belonged to my late grandfather, whom I lived with for few years when I was a child, a side table that my husband and I found at a local antique store right after we decided to buy the house and really every little object we have brought from our travels that reminds me of where we've been together.

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What are three things every home should have? 

Art, good lighting and animals. 

p.s. Have you tried brightening your own home using mirrors, feng shui-style