Have You Tried A Shower Orange?

Have you heard about the recent citrus craze taking over showers everywhere?
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Image Credit: Brooke Fitts

Image Credit: Brooke Fitts

Last week while out to lunch with a friend at one of her favorite lunch spots, Executive Editor, Amanda Carter Gomes, was introduced to a new craze (by the women that work at the cafe) that has recently been featured on NPR after taking Reddit by storm. 

Here's the concept: Eating oranges in the shower is life changing and will produce the most delicious tasting and the most citrus satisfying olfactory experience. We were admittedly curious and figure if eating an orange in the shower is truly one of life's simple pleasures, why not check it out for ourselves. 

When we circled back to our friend, who documented her "Shower Orange" via her Instagram stories, to inquire about her experience this is what she reported: yes it was indeed "very aromatic and juicy" and that it is "best when you first dive into the orange". Simply take the orange with you into the shower (the variety is really up to your preference) peel and eat. There you have it! The shower orange dissected (no pun intended). 

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