Everyday Icon: The Skin Care Maven, Susanne Kaufmann

If recent stress or winter weather have wrecked your skin, you're in luck – our Guest Beauty Editor for the month of March is the founder of our new favorite skin care line, and she's here to share Austrian beauty secrets all month long.
Hotel Post Bezau Garden

We're particularly picky about our beauty routines here and prefer to stick to a simple but reliable roster of go-to products, rather than crowd our bathroom counters with bottles and tubes we aren't sure actually work (however buzzed-about they might be). So, when we first witnessed the genuine effects of Susanne Kaufmann's eye cream on our own faces, we were eager to know more – about the formula, the larger line it belongs to and the founder behind it all. Now, we're thrilled to have Susanne herself sitting in as our Guest Beauty Editor this month, and we can't wait to share her insights on all things skin- and beauty-related. Get to know her yourself in our introductory interview, below.   

Can you tell us about the evolution of your career? Did you always know you wanted to work in skincare, and if so, how did you decide to create and develop a holistic line?

Living in the Bregenzerwald, [I grew up] surrounded by nature, fresh air and sports of all kinds. My grandmother was extremely interested in alpine herbs and how one could use them for health and well-being. There is a strong tradition around Bezau involving nature – women and men are very nature-oriented. It seems to be in our genes.

The overall connection to sustainability and environmental forward-thinking also helped me start Susanne Kaufmann Organic Treats. Originally, I thought about the possibility of supplying our spa with products and ingredients from our surroundings and region, not from international brands. We were already doing this with the products in our kitchen back then. We knew there was this knowledge in the area, the creams and treats of our grandmothers…all we had to do was find a way to make it work for a modern spa concept.

I grew up with the traditional knowledge of plants and medicine, and I was always convinced that combining this knowledge with the latest scientific research would result in fantastic and powerful skincare products. I initiated the research and development of products and I monitor the production process from start to finish to ensure the highest quality. It is my passion to find the best ingredients and highest quality for our products.

What is the difference between holistic skincare and organic and/or chemical lines?

We see Susanne Kaufmann Organic Treats as holistic skincare for a number of reasons.

Beauty products should contribute to our beauty and to our health, as beauty doesn't only come from outside. It also comes from the inside. We all like fresh air, we all know the benefit of healthy food, so why would we choose something non-healthy when it comes to beauty products?

We also think it is important to know where the ingredients we use are from and where they go when we wash them off. Same with packaging. For us it is important that packaging is sourced near our production warehouse to avoid long transport routes and to keep work in the area. I think following all this makes a skincare not only organic but also holistic.

Many women are obsessed with preventing and fighting aging. What are your thoughts on the process, and what does "aging naturally" mean to you?

At our Susanne Kaufmann Spa at Hotel Post Bezau, we have created a natural anti-aging program. For us, anti-aging should be approached as a holistic system. Rather than a traditional treatment of symptoms, we recognize and accept the whole person as a complex and individual being.

Prevention, regeneration, detox food, sport and beauty treatments form a symbiosis. My personal anti-aging tip is to combine a daily routine of products, treatments, food and sports into your life and keep a balance without getting stressed about it.

We just launched the new Advanced Anti-Aging System with three core products that combine all the important active ingredients to combat age-related skin damage and incorporates an innovative and patented repair mechanism for cell renewal. It fights hyper pigmentation and leaves your skin even and with a perfect radiance.

What are the top three things you think we can do to protect our skin and complexions at every age?

Cleansing, moisturizing and sun protection. 

It is really important to do a proper cleansing not only to wash your face, but also use a toner. Most tap water contains chlorine or chalk, and it is important to use a toner to get this off of your skin. Imagine you use a cream, which contains ingredients that help bring active agents deep into your skin. All the chalk and chlorine are also brought in.

Moisturizing: often we do not drink enough water or are stressed, which makes our vessels contract and this really tires your skin. Drink, moisturize and decelerate…

Sun protection: don't go in the sun between 12pm and 3pm. Always use sun protection but not too high as it will prevent you from getting enough Vitamin D, and use a sun cream which provides UVA/UVB protection.

Do you have any other lifestyle secrets that attribute to the overall health of your skin (be they related to diet, exercise, meditation, sleep, or any other element)?

Yoga allows me to have time where I can gather my thoughts and find my balance. I have my very own yoga session sometimes, outdoors in nature, with intergraded detox exercises where I can clear my mind and get new energy for the day. This is important to me as my day is tightly organized.

Do you have any saying or mantras that keep you calm and centered when life is hectic or out of balance?

Inhale and exhale and just do it. Try to make this world a better place as long as you have the chance to do so. We are not here to complain. There are so many things to work on. I feel very privileged to be born here and to have a creative mind. We hope we can share our idea of living a good and healthy life with as many people possible. Bad things are always waiting out there for you – they come and go. But for good luck you have to get on your feet and do something. 

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