7 Ways To Wear Spring Florals

Spring is officially here! To celebrate we are sharing the latest floral designs we are coveting: from dresses to embroidered shirts to pants, there is something for everyone this season.
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Image Credit: Mille

Image Credit: Mille

Spring has finally (technically) arrived and nothing speaks to the season quite like floral prints. This year you can find florals donning every piece, from large scale designs to the smallest of details, we love the variety, sophistication and modern take on the motif. We've found 7 designs that embrace the floral aspects we love without being overly sweet, added bonus: all will seamlessly integrate with even the sleekest items in your wardrobe.  


To Buy: Satin Maxi Dress ($240) 


To Buy: Embroidered Scallop Top ($68) 


To Buy: Silk Lace-Up Dress ($168) 


To Buy: Boxy Collard Shirt ($365)


To Buy: Wrap Dress ($59) 


To Buy: Midi Dress ($350) 


To Buy: Floral Print Trousers ($40)

p.s. Pair spring florals with your favorite transition pieces until warmer temps are here to stay!