3 Steps For Transitioning Your Skin From Winter To Spring

Guest Editor Susanne Kaufmann is back with the three steps we can all employ to transition from our winter to spring skin regime.
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Image Credit: Victoria/Oh So Pretty

Guest Editor Susanne Kaufmann is back with tips on supporting and caring for our face, hands and feet as the seasons transition and our skin care needs change. 

The winter season leaves its trace on our skin in the form of dry spots, larger pores and redness -now is the best time to prepare the skin for the warmer season. The skin’s metabolism is amplified in the spring calling for a balancing and gentle skincare routine to restore the skin’s natural state. 

  • Using a peel or scrub followed by a serum will help to smooth skin’s texture and boost radiance, while also allowing the skin to breathe.
  • The back of the hand is often the most affected by cold weather because the skin is already thin in that area.. Incorporate an intensive hand care program after winter using a concentrate under hand cream and wear gloves for half an hour. This will turn back the time on your hands, relieving flakiness and dryness.
  • Pay close attention to your feet as well before sun exposure. I recommend using a cream to nourish and pamper the feet (our line includes beeswax and wheat grass oil that moisturizes stressed skin and provides optimal care). Refreshing menthol also cools the skin.

Added Travel tips

Moisturize the skin during a flight by using a moisturizing mask as a cream. Follow up with a refreshing, hydrating spray which can be used on the face and hands to provide additional moisture.

And always *try* to get enough beauty sleep the night before a flight by drinking a non-caffeinated, relaxing tea and spraying your pillow with a calming pillow spray. We love lavender, which also helps you fall asleep faster and stay asleep.