Why You Should Take Time To Find Yourself Through Body Exploration

Previous Guest Wellness Editor and Holistic Sexologist, Lisa Hochberger, is talking about the benefits and sexual empowerment that can be discovered when you explore your own body.
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Masturbation has not ever been discussed on this site, nor is it oft mentioned in the lifestyle circles. So, we were eager to hear the insights previous Guest Editor Lisa Hochberger wanted to share. 

In August, I told you that you could improve your sex life by enjoying “self-centered” sex. This involved exploring your body and letting go of any insecurities that you may have about yourself.

Body exploration is so important because it helps you connect with your own sexuality. When you think of sexuality holistically, you will find that one of the most important parts of a person’s sexuality is their sensuality. Sensuality can be described as a person’s awareness and feelings about their own body and awareness of the body of their sexual partner(s).

There are several components of a person’s sensuality that are important for a person’s overall sexual wellness. This includes a central part of sensuality, body image. I am sure you have heard people describe confidence as being sexy and it is true that it is vital to your overall sexual health. This is because a your ability to feel attractive and proud of the way your body functions is a fundamental part of your sexuality. If you are not confident in the way your body functions when you are alone, it will be difficult to be confident with another person.

It is important to take the time to reconnect with yourself. If you work on becoming more in touch with your sensuality, it will allow you to feel good about who you are, and discover what types of touch feel good and what types don’t. Through self-pleasure you can give yourself permission to let go of the stress of the day and relax. After all, one of the most empowering parts of having autonomy over your body, is having the ability to release sexual tension without the help of another individual

Having knowledge about your body will not only give you confidence but also increase your comfort level when having sex. Masturbation will help you learn about what you like when it comes to sex and increase your ability to feel sexual pleasure with partners. The more you know about what makes your body feel good, the better you will be able to communicate it to your partner.

Your path to self-discovery will increase your “sex-esteem” while enhancing pleasure and increasing your ability to have orgasms.

Having sex-esteem is instrumental to a woman’s sexual wellness. Being able to clearly communicate is a powerful part of your sexual health. People with high sex-esteem are more likely to communicate when they do or do not when sex, explain what forms of touch they want during sex and they are more likely to discuss their sexual history with their partner. These are all very important components of being a healthy sexual invidiual.

Communication is sexy. Self-love is sexier. Enjoy your body, with or without another. 

p.s. Lisa also has a few tips on reinvigorating (and maintaining) passion in a long-term relationship.