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A few of our favorite links from around the web this week.
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Image Credit: Marianna Jamadi via Garance Dore

Image Credit: Marianna Jamadi via Garance Dore

We're so ready for the (long) weekend! On the agenda: time spent slowing down, and enjoying moments with family and friends. We hope the same for you. As always, a few thoughts from around the web we thought we particularly noteworthy - see you back here on Tuesday!

What a beauty! “Don’t hold grudges, stop stressing and show love and compassion for all living things. Life is exactly what you make of it.”

Such a brave love story, beginning in Nazi-occupied Poland.

“I want my children to know what I know: that there is joy in quitting everything to try something new, and failing spectacularly is far less horrible than not trying at all.”

This advice is spot on.

“To admit that you can drown in motherhood, that you can mourn a loss of freedom and worry you do not love your child enough, is still a brave act in a society that often airbrushes this reality.”

Sunday night habits of successful people.

Women who continually inspire.

“The road bumps of ignorant people along the way have presented opportunities to protect, teach, and lead with love. Every day, I choose to believe the world is mostly good.”

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