On The Menu: Spicy Green Juice

Julie Russell, the manager at Seattle's JuiceBox vega/juicery, explains how she came to fall in love with green juice – and shares her very favorite recipe with us!
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In celebration of National Green Juice Day (who knew?!), we asked our friend and manager of our favorite juice spot (Juicebox Seattle, for those who are curious) Julie Russell, to share how she first was exposed to the practice, her go-to recipe and her recommended juicer for beginners. 

I first got "into juicing" about four years ago, while on an epic five-month road trip around the United States. My good friend and I decided to quit our jobs, sublet the apartment we shared and explore the country for an indefinite amount of time (or, until our money ran out). We began our journey by heading down the west coast, and when we got to San Diego, we crashed with my friend in Cardiff By The Sea.

Our host loved to juice and made us fresh juice every morning while we stayed with him. In the living room of his bright and airy apartment near the beach, we'd wake up to the sounds of the juicer whirring in the kitchen. Everything about the experience felt so stereotypically Californian – and I was INTO it. It was my first real foray into "spicy green juice" with lots of ginger and kale, and it kind of changed my life.

Fast forward to coming home from our trip, broke, around the same time as my birthday. The only gift I asked for was a juicer. I've juiced at home consistently since then, and I currently find myself managing a juice company and café – so, needless to say, it all came full circle.

I don't buy into a lot of things about juice culture – I don’t see juice as a valid meal replacement or "diet," but it is an awesome way to inject your body with a ton of vitamins and minerals that you couldn't quickly consume by eating, which I can totally get behind. It tastes good and it feels good. Green juice is part of my every day life; I've had a lot of time to play around with recipes at work, trying to maximize nutritional intake and good flavor. 

Enter the Julie Green Juice, a name lovingly (I think?) coined by my co-workers for my most favorite recipe. It's got a ton of greens, a butt-kicking amount of ginger and turmeric (for help with digestion and circulation!), and enough lime and apple to make it quite palatable. It's definitely a spicy green juice that wakes your body up in the best way and leaves you feeling incredibly clean inside.

One thing I do want to address here, though, is that I know that juicing at home can seem daunting. But once you get into the habit (wash the veggies, set up the juicer, and go!), it's really not a difficult task. It takes no longer than making a pot of coffee, and cleaning the juicer afterwards is not at all difficult once put into practice. Trust me, the juice is worth it!     

Image Credit: Julie Russell

Image Credit: Julie Russell


One big handful of kale (6 or so large kale leaves)
1/2 a medium-sized cucumber
2 inches fresh ginger root
2 inches fresh turmeric root
3 key limes (or 1 standard lime)
1 small apple
splash of coconut water


Juice all ingredients together and serve over ice. (The ice is key! It's best when real cold.)

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