How To Feng Shui A Brighter Home (And Mood) Using Mirrors

Our resident feng shui expert, Amanda Gibby Peters, shares some surprising insights on the power of a properly-placed mirror to totally shift our energy for the better.
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When it comes to brightening up our homes or our moods – or, ideally, both at once – mirrors are the perfect wake-up calls. They flaunt light, making the vibe feel more alive. When placed in the right spots, they open up and expand space. They double whatever reflects within their gaze. And, the bigger the mirrors, the more energy you'll notice shimmying around a room. Most importantly, mirrors are activating, providing the propensity to get our own energy moving. Here are just a few ways to ignite some fresh delight by hanging mirrors on your walls. 

Double up.

A mirror doubles what it reflects. So, it’s worth the extra effort to make sure you love what your mirror "sees." If the bedroom is a catch-all for work, laundry and a pile of things-without-homes – and your mirror reflects it all – you'll likely wake up feeling buried alive before the day begins. Likewise, a front hall mirror is always a lovely gesture unless it's showcasing a pit stop of mail, shoes and clutter. Bottom line: mine and mind the details of what your mirrors reflect, and they'll keep you feeling replenished.

Capture the light.

If there are spaces and places that feel too quiet or dark in your home, you might notice your energy taking a familiar dip when you pass through. While it's not necessary to have activity in every corner of the house, it's a good thing to keep energy brewing. A mirror is a miracle worker – with the tiniest sliver of light reflected, small sparks romp around the room, even without you there. So, consider a mirror a perfect pairing for a guest room, basement or closet. Just remember, it doubles the reflection, so this might require a little clutter-clearing before the mirror works its wonders.

Liberate your creativity.

Need to curate creative space? Use a mirror in the decor. Mirrors are re-energizing, and the more active a space is, the more stimulated we feel – a simple prescription for lassoing creative vibes. And if there is simply no room on the wall for a mirror, work with reflective materials instead – like a shiny gold frame or a pair of brass candlesticks – and the muses will go wild. 

Change your outlook.

If you have any broken or scratched mirrors, remove them. Mirrors represent our ability to see clearly, and a cracked mirror can distort or fragment our perceptions. Have at least one mirror that allows the viewer a complete and clear picture of herself to work wonders for self-esteem. On the other hand, convex mirrors (think: fish-eye) are perfect for dispersing energy generously around a room – a dreamy companion for long hallways, where energy has a tendency to rush through the house. No matter what you choose or where your mirror hangs, keep it clean and proportional to the space – and it'll feel like straight-up magic is positively doubling in your life!

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