9 Podcasts For 9 Moods

Craving biz advice? Seeking insights on meditation? Here's a list of top podcasts to check out, depending what sort of listening experience you're after.
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Our Guest Editor for January, Jessica Murnane, is known (and loved) for her engaging podcast called the One Part Podcast, which offers honest and inspiring conversations on wellness, career, food and more. Today, we’ve turned the tables and asked Jessica to share the podcast series she tunes into on a regular basis. 

I listen to a lot of podcasts. A LOT. I have so many favorites, but just because one is my favorite doesn’t mean I’m always in the mood for it. I have a lot of moods. (Read: I'm moody.)

Sometimes I’m looking for inspiration, sometimes I want to chill, sometimes I need a good kick in the ass, and sometimes I just need a friend who makes me laugh. 

I’ve rounded up some of my favorites for a bunch of my different moods. Dive in, and then please share YOUR favorites and make sure to include the the appropriate listening mood, too!


1. The “I’m Going For A Long Walk And Need A Friend” Podcast: How To Be Amazing With Michael Ian Black


2. The “I’m Freaking Out About My Business And Need Someone To Tell Me It Takes Time To Grow” Podcast: How I Built This With Guy Raz


3. The “I Said I Was Going To Start Meditating And Actually Need To Start Doing It” Podcast: 10% Happier With Dan Harris


4. The “I’m STILL Freaking Out About My Business And Need Someone To Tell Me It’s OK” Podcast: Being Boss


5. The “I Wanna Hang With Some Dudes” Podcast: Jalen + Jacoby


6. The “I’m Going To The Gym And Am Tired Of All My Music” Podcast: StartUp


7. The “I’m Launching A Book Next Month And Need Some Encouragement” Podcast: Book Launch Show 


8. The “I Need To Chill Out With A Host That Has A Soothing Voice” Podcast: The Slow Home Podcast 


9. The “Because I’ll Listen To Anything That Has To Do With Oprah” Podcast: Making Oprah 

p.s. Did you catch our introductory chat with Jessica, where she caught us up to speed on the power of a plant-based diet to combat chronic illness?