20 Questions With Kelli Murray, Founder Of Rylee & Cru

Family Editor Lindsay Meyer-Harley sat down for another round of 20 Questions with Kelli Murray, the founder of a chic childrenswear company who loves poppies, margaritas and Homeland.
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Image Credit: Elizabeth Wells

Image Credit: Elizabeth Wells

This post is part of our monthly series where Family Editor Lindsay Meyer-Harley introduces us to an inspiring mother. All participants are asked the same 20 questions, with one prerequisite: to provide honest answers on life with children. We are sure each will have her own unique response, and look forward to sharing their anecdotes, advice, travel dreams, and even their favorite cocktail with you!

Today, we're introducing you to Kelli Murray: illustrator, graphic designer and owner of Rylee & Cru, a beloved children's clothing label named after her two children. She lives in a small beach town on the coast in Southern California.

What's your favorite time of day and why?

My favorite time of day has always been sunset. We live on the coast and get to watch some of the most beautiful sunsets over the ocean. Also, it's usually when I'm home from work and hanging with my family....and being with them is always my favorite.

If you could hop a plane (with or without children) and go anywhere, where would it be, and for how long would you go?

I sure love my kids, but I have been craving a kid-free vacation with my hubs. I'd love to go to Hawaii or even [take] a short trip to Seattle or Portland, two places I've always wanted to visit.

What's your tip for looking awake in the morning after a bad night's sleep? (Okay, let's be honest, a few years of limited sleep.)

Unfortunately, I don't have any tips or tricks other than water and a good eye cream. If you have any tips for me, I am all ears!

Last book you read for both kids and adults?

Me: Savor by Shauna Niequist [for me]. For the kids, probably Where the Wild Things Are. My son is obsessed.

How do you take your coffee?

Decaf with a lot of cream ;) (I can’t do caffeine)

Have you had a parenting misstep you learned from? What was it?

Oh gosh, I feel like I have made so many mistakes as a parent that I have learned from. It's all a big learning process for both of us, parents and kids. It took me some time to realize that each of my kids need me in different ways. The way I parent Rylee is not the same as [the way] I parent Cru, and I think that's okay. I think one major thing I have learned is that there is no one right way to parent your kids. You have to discover what it is they need from you and what they respond best to, and go from there. I am still figuring it out.

Favorite online shops?

For me: Need Supply and ace&jig. For the kids: I don't shop a lot for them because of Rylee & Cru...but we definitely love Darling Clementine

What is one piece of advice you'd give a new mother?

Don't be too hard on yourself. Do the best you can, and that is good enough. None of us have it all figured out.

What app can't you live without?


Are you doing what you thought you'd be doing when you were a kid?

Well, when I was really young I thought I'd be working with animals. I was a huge animal lover. But I realized in high school I wanted to pursue a creative career, and that's what I’m doing.

What is a white lie you tell your kids?

If they eat too much candy their teeth will fall out. Or....yes, we are almost there ;)

Do you have a style icon?

Not really, but I follow a bunch of style bloggers that I'm inspired by. I love @happilygrey and @sincerelyjules.

What is your favorite type of flower? 


What's your favorite cocktail? 


What's your favorite TV show? 

Currently, Homeland. (We don't have cable, so I just go through marathons on Netflix.)

What's the best compliment you've ever received?

My friend told me the other day that I'm one of the hardest working and big-hearted people she knew. It made me wanna cry!

If you could talk to your 19-year-old self, what would you say?

Stop worrying about what other people think of you. You are strong and beautiful and capable of much more than you think you are.

How do you and your partner stay connected and prioritize your relationship?

Sam and I both live very busy lives. He owns three businesses and I own two. So there is not a lot of room left for the two of us. However we try to schedule in "us time" at least once a week, whether that is a date night out or watching a movie on the couch.

What do you hope your kids are when they grow up?

Happy. They can be whatever they want to be. I just want to encourage them to follow their passions and work hard and be kind. 

p.s. Have you met Elle Rowley, the founder of Solly Baby?