Top 5 Deodorants For Women

From the gym to the board room to the playground, here are the deodorants we use and most importantly, we trust.

We’ve taken the guess work out for you and spent some time trying different deodorants in order to it narrow down to a selection that actually work. Here are the top five natural deodorants we found for women - you (and your wallet) can thank us later! 

  1) Native Deodorant


Native Deodorant was amazing at eliminating odors (just ask the brand's biggest fans, who have submitted over 2000 reviews for the deodorant). It kept us smelling great even during our most adrenaline filled situations, including a half marathon and a huge presentation (it works on stress sweat!). Just as important, Native kept our underarms dry all day long, and didn't give us that oily or sloppy feeling that some deodorants leave behind - read: it also left our clothes stain-free!

When we turned the deodorant over, our eyes lit up upon reading the all natural ingredient list (think coconut oil and Vitamin E). Native is also aluminum, paraben and phthalate-free - a win win on all fronts! Since aluminum in antiperspirants has been linked to some serious issues, it was an ingredient we tried to avoid in all the deodorants we reviewed.

The deodorant comes in five scents - Unscented, Eucalyptus & Mint, Lavender & Rose, Citrus & Herbal Musk, and Coconut & Vanilla. Our favorite was the Coconut & Vanilla! 

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Editor’s Note: Great news! Native is offering Clementine Daily readers 10% off the purchase of $15 or more with the coupon code HEALTH10.

2) Soapwalla Deodorant Creme


Deodorants now come in all shapes, sizes and forms. We've raved about Soapwalla before, the deodorant cream that is toxin free and keeps us feeling fresh and frui all day long. While a little messier than its counterparts, it is the perfect solution for those who experience sensitivity with the roll on and stick varieties. 

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3) Agent Nateur


Made by hand, Agent Nateur, is created with food-grade ingredients. Yes, you heard that right. Perfect for those with sensitive skin, Agent Nateur is a stick that even the biggest natural beauty gurus adore. 

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4) Weleda Deodorant Spray


We were admittedly skeptical about Weleda's non-aerosol deodorant spray. But after trying it before a training jog (we truly give these items a run for their money - yes, pun intended) we were converts. Scented with essential oils, our favorite flavor is Sage, though we do recommend allowing your underarms to air dry after application to avoid having your garments cling. 

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5) Sanoflore


Our favorite French beauty staple. Sanoflore smells clean and fresh. A light roll on that does heavy work and dries immediately, leaving not a trace of residue. Added bonus: aluminum and paraben free! 

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This post is in partnership with Native, a brand we use and we love. All opinions are our own.