The Secret Toll Of Stress On Your Skin (and A Plan To Care For It)

Editor, Stephanie Duncan, shares her go to skin treatment plan for when time is short and life stress is long.
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Sweet relief, I nearly danced at my door when the package arrived from Dr Dennis Gross. The Holidays are the VERY best slash worst, right?! Such excitement. Such stress! Other than desperately trying to demonstrate some will power when gathered over delicious homemade food, I am working hard to more than weather the storm this year. I’m ahead of the game now, with a stockpile of products that will make me look less tired than I actually am.

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Here is the scoop:

No matter how good our intentions are, we mostly put everyone and everything else before ourselves, especially this time of year. We are mothers, sisters, daughters....women, and that’s often a role we assume. But the truth is, there is need of support. One look in the mirror in the morning and I can tell when things are not off the best start. 

Tired eyes, dry irritated skin, stress acne . . . an all too familiar scene when stress it at its peak. Rather than continue to pretend I will find a healthy balance and make numerous lifestyle changes during the busiest time of the year, I made a quick wish list of products I had either run out of or desperately needed to try, and went straight to the source I trust most.

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I’ve been using Dr Dennis Gross for a while now (you can read more about that here). Since trying out the products I have now learned there are several my skin does thrive without. The peels are the hero product in my opinion- straightforward and super easy to travel with, they have completely replaced my harsh exfoliating scrubs. Cleanser at night is just not enough after religiously using the peels. My face does not feel fully clean without a regimen that includes the two-step peel pack. I recently switched from the Alpha Beta Universal Daily Peel to the Extra Strength Daily Peel that has two additional acids in it. Since the latter is a stronger formula, I’ve decided to alternate, which seems to be the winning combination for my allergy irritated and overly dry, flaking skin. 

Here is what works best from me:

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Morning Plan

Step 1  - All-in-One Cleanser with Toner. Its lightweight and gentle and the simple instructions remind me that I should be spending more time massaging the cleanser into my skin. The routine changes after that depending on if it’s morning or night.

Step 2 - I apply the ultra light Firming Peptide Milk that I have long since loved for its visible firming effect. I often add a drop of the Clinical Concentrate Radiance Booster to my skin like a primer before applying my makeup.

Step 3 - A spritz (or three because I’m obsessed) of the C+ Collagen Mist Perfect Skin Set & Refresh. This is a new-to-me product that I CAN NOT do without. I find myself replacing afternoon coffee with a quick re-spray later in the day. 

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Night Plan

Step 1 - Again with the cleanser! 

Step 2 - Includes my beloved peel pack followed the Ferulic + Retinol Wrinkle Recovery Overnight Serum, my favorite of all the DDG serums. I’ve been using it since the start and all I can say is that it has made a real difference with fine lines and wrinkles. 

Step 3 - I add the Ferulic + Retinaol Triple Correction Eye Serum and the Hydra-Pure Firming Eye Cream from bottles I have had for six months. It’s worth noting that for many of these products a little goes a very long way!

Step 4 - Just before bed I put on the Ferulic + Retinol Anti-Aging Moisturizer, a time released moisturizer that helps to strengthen and repair skin overnight. Once a week I treat myself to the Hyaluronic Marine Hydrating Modeling Mask because it is hands down the best hydration mask I have ever tried, and it feels like a treat for both my mind and body after a long week. 

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Now I am armed with products that will help me survive the harsh changes in weather, the stress of the season, the late nights of online shopping, and might even (fingers crossed) help me to look lively during the fun, festive parties to celebrate all that is good- I can skip the spa and use the extra time to rest (OR address a hundred holiday cards and wrap a zillion presents).

I’m clearly still searching for balance, but now with better-looking, healthier skin! Happy Holidays!

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