One Coat, Three Ways

We asked the designer behind independent label, Cocoon, to share the versatility of one coat by asking three women to wear the same style, three different ways.
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Image Credit: Victoria Campbell

Image Credit: Victoria Campbell

When we find a wardrobe staple that is on constant rotation, it tends to be because that piece is something that is 1. universally flattering and, 2. timeless. We asked Elizabeth Geisler, designer behind independent fashion line, Cocooon, to share one of her favorite staples from her own line, a coat that was literally designed to look great on everyone. 


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"I created the Cocoon brand as an answer to a missing piece I saw in the fashion marketplace. I wanted to create a line of modern, luxurious pieces, that were timeless and go-to staples. My mission was to design with a very important emphasis on flattering any woman’s shape and fitting into any woman’s lifestyle."


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"I chose the Waldorf Weekend Coat to highlight this concept because it has been a favorite for my customers and they have all mentioned that they feel amazing when they’re wearing it. When I designed this piece I was thinking about the idea of a coat acting as the most crucial part of the entire look, it is the first thing anyone sees when you walk into a room after all. I wanted a piece that made a statement, but that I could also wear every day, something really versatile."


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"Another element of versatility comes in the many ways to style it. It can almost act as a blazer in a lot of ways because it’s not too long and can very easily be worn open to show off the look underneath. Buttoned up, it looks chic and polished, like a Kate Middleton coat dress of sorts. And, since it’s easily worn open or closed, it can take you from the warmer fall days, through a bitter cold winter, and all the way into early spring when it’s still brisk.

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