Gift Guide: Best Design Books

Amanda Gibby Peters picks four favorite books to bring out the interior designer in just about anyone – the perfect gifts to grace any stylish coffee table for years to come.
Image Credit: Anne Sage

Image Credit: Anne Sage

Every day, we are riddled with ways to foster the look of a good life, but crafting a beautiful and practical home that looks as good as it feels – piece by piece – can be an intimidating endeavor. These four design books show us how to do that, and how to do it well. Whether you’re a designer at heart or just starting out, this collection shines head and shoulders above the crowd. Each tome favors substance as much as style; patience as much as pretty; and sustainability as much as celebration. So, gift yourself one or bundle a few for a lucky friend – and remember, a home is ultimately the story of who we are and the narrative of what we love.


To Buy: Absolutely Beautiful Things by Anna Spiro

The visual inspiration nestled into this gorgeous book is top shelf – each image is a full display of encouragement. Add in Anna Spiro's contagious guidance and storytelling, and it's like a high spirited cocktail. Spiro believes in sensibility behind every design choice, and she offers user-friendly advice for finding your own sense of style. She encourages us to work out what we like and stay true to our intentions, no matter the project. And with confidence like that, we surround ourselves with our ideas of beauty, eventually creating a space where love is the status quo.


To Buy: The Things That Matter by Nate Berkus

Nate is one cool cat, and his reassuring voice carries through – page after page – in each description and every joke. His unfettered passion for decorating is irrevocable, and it shows in his wholehearted and well-edited rooms. He unquestionably values the resonance carried by our memories and infuses every space with proof of these stories. By the time the last page is turned, his loved-on approach makes us want to shop our own homes and allow the simple things more room to shine.


To Buy: Eat Drink Nap: Bringing the House Home by Soho House

Soho House's magic touch lies in making people feel at home, and this book is a hearty peek into their way of keeping house that blends coziness and style. With several purr-worthy hotels scattered across the globe, they are creative geniuses at whipping up both a look and vibe from scratch. Even better? Tucked into these pages are house tips on throwing parties to making a comfortable bed, plus kitchen tips on mixing drinks and cooking no-fuss dishes. Once we've metabolized this hefty read, there will be the temptation to peruse the pages again, and again, and again...


To Buy: Sage Living: Decorate For the Life You Want by Anne Sage

"Your best life starts at home," says Anne Sage, and when you decorate according to who you want to become, you step into the leading role of your own unfolding story. Environment truly shapes experience, so Anne's approach to setting any scene is intentional, explorative and authentic, providing a pitch perfect guide for starting an honest conversation about home and life. After feasting on the hundreds of simple tips and thoughtful interiors, we're feeling the pull to style our space so it works for us (rather than what feels expected), without missing a beat.

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