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A few of our favorite links from around the web this week.
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Image Credit: Ashley Laurel

Image Credit: Ashley Laurel

We are so very excited for the crazy busy beautiful holiday weekend ahead! And we are also pausing to reflect on 2016, so we’ll be quiet around here as we head into the new year. Wishing you and yours a peaceful and magical holiday season, we look forward to seeing you back here in 2017 (though, you can still find us on Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook sharing thoughts, photos and favorite reads from the past year). Finally, for your reading pleasure, enjoy some thoughts from around the web this week!

Sage advice on ways to improve your love life.

Tips for managing stress and family during the holidays.

Are you going to the Women’s March?

Powerful essays about women who were all set to rule the world—and how their careers shook out.

“I came to her feeling in over my head; she refused to let me sink.” On Maya Angelou’s lessons in activist mentoring.

"What people talk about before they die."

Some food for thought during holiday downtime: the most popular Ted Talks of 2016.

And, in praise of the mess (and why it may be good for us to let it pile up).

p.s. A few last-minute gift ideas with heart!