Gift Guide: Perfect Gifts For New Moms

We've compiled some clever and thoughtful present options for women with babies in tow, to help them find rest, rejuvenation and ease during this crazy new phase of their lives.
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Image Credit: Simone LeBlanc

Image Credit: Simone LeBlanc

If anyone deserves special pampering this holiday season, it's the new mama in your life – the one who sorely needs a soothing treat. With little ones to tend to, her time and energy may be too scarce to squeeze in self-care without a supportive boost, so that's where friends and family come in, reminding her to rest (with both warm words and practical tools). Below, we've compiled eight thoughtful, meaningful gifts for moms far and wide, from cozy jammies (perfect for snuggling up with baby) to books and other sweet indulgences.


This newly updated version of Madewell's original tote features a long cross-body strap that easily loops onto strollers for easier baby wrangling. Plus, the outside pocket simplifies a one-handed reach for a must-have item, with baby propped in the other arm. To Buy: Medium Transport Tote ($158)


New mamas spend a lot of time indoors during those first few months, and they should be able to stay comfy without settling for sweats every day. Upgrade her leisurewear with flannel jammies. As an added bonus, she can easily unbotton the top to nurse. To Buy: Flannel Pajamas ($45)

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Give her this body polish infused with magnolia and plum blossoms, then take the baby for a walk around the block so she can have some time alone for a long, hot shower. An at-home spa treatment will help her feel not just like a new mama, but also like the gorgeous woman she is. To Buy: Body Polish ($28)


Sometimes, you simply want to give something that's beautiful and a tad indulgent. The keepsakes inside this gorgeous gift box (including a candle, geode, journal and more) will pair the pacifiers on her nightstand with an extra bit of pretty luxury. To Buy: Bedside Gift Box ($150)


With one of these clever, cozy wraps, she'll be able to run errands, eat with both hands and keep her baby calm and happy on her hip when she's out and about. To Buy: Solly Baby Wrap ($66)


As a new mom, she may not have had a chance to shower in days. This chic hat will help disguise that fact in style, and the camel tone matches with everything. To Buy: Flat Brim Hat ($72)

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This is a practical guide and inspirational read for all new mothers and mothers-to-be – the perfect ally during the first weeks of motherhood. To Buy: The First Forty Days ($17)

Image Credit: Maggie Pate

Image Credit: Maggie Pate

Bring her a home-cooked meal (like a roasted chicken to feed the family or a soothing soup), or get a delicious, nutritious feast delivered from her favorite restaurant. Remember to call or text ahead to make sure mom will be home (or even reach out to her partner, to keep the present a surprise!). Try a service like Postmates for easy ordering. 

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