Why We Are With Her

Our editors give you a glimpse into what Election Day means to them—and why we are more than ready to cast our vote for Hillary Clinton.
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Today is Election Day and we are voting for Hillary Clinton.

We are with her. We are casting our vote for a woman who, to us, embodies hope. Hope and tenacity and smarts and ambition and grace and goodness — what we want to embody as mothers, daughters, sisters, wives, women.

We’re looking to the future and what it would mean to have a woman in the White House, but also to her committed past, one full of hard fought battles for education, healthcare and human rights. She has worked harder than most to prove she is like any other able candidate to be taken seriously. And while we respect this sense of doggedness, it’s also because of what she isn’t to the White House that sets her apart from presidential predecessors.

We believe it matters that she is like us. When Hillary speaks to being a working mom, to worrying about education for our children, we believe her because, well, she’s lived it. Just as we are and just as women will for future generations. Take it from Katherine Blood Hoffman who is 102 years old: “This election means that women can achieve anything.” Yes.

For years it’s been Hillary’s challenge, but today it’s ours: “To practice politics as the art of making what appears to be impossible possible.” Hillary said these very words in 1969 in her student commencement speech at Wellesley College. And for so long we lived with the impossibility of a woman leading our country, but we are ready now. Ready to make it possible. 

"I am with Hillary because she is the strongest candidate. Simple as that. She also happens to be a Woman, a Mother, a Grandmother and a public servant who has spent her life preparing for this position. I've never seen someone get knocked down as much as her, and stand up taller than before, stronger than before and with more resolve to keep going forward. What a beautiful role model for our young girls and boys to look to, what a inspiring role model for all of us to look to. I'm with her yesterday, today and tomorrow." Family Editor Lindsay Meyer-Harley

"More than ever before has this election made me think of our children. They are watching and listening and will embrace who we choose to lead our country. And for me, Hillary gets it right. She’s a champion of human rights. She’s a working mom. She cares. She’s fierce, funny, smart and steadfast; a true leader. She’s ready—and more than capable to run our country." Wellness Editor Brooke Klauer

"I'm with her because I can be with her. I am with her because women acknowledge their mistakes, rise to the occasion and just get shit done." Social Media Manager Taylor Meadows

"I'm with her for many, many reasons related to what's ultimately most important: the policies she would enable and enact as president, particularly in comparison to those of her opponent. But if there's one extra quality that makes my support particularly passionate, it's her strength of character. She is absolutely tireless in her determination, unflinchingly resilient, and willing to stand again (and again and again) each time she stumbles or gets knocked down. I have profound trust in her ability to tackle the immense challenges that would undoubtedly be forced upon her over the next four years—with grace and gumption to boot." Associate Editor Leah Pellegrini

"I am with her because she is the most qualified presidential candidate in history. I am with her because I value myself and women, because my children are watching and I want to instill the same values in them. I am with her because she possesses resilience, strength, determination and humility. I am with Hillary because I believe she is the best person for the job." Executive Editor Amanda Carter Gomes

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