The Importance of Seemingly Small Moments

Clementine Editor, Stephanie Duncan, shares why she chooses to highlight the everyday moments instead of the perfectly coiffed portrait when it comes to holiday cards.
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PHOTOGRAPHY: Stephanie Duncan

PHOTOGRAPHY: Stephanie Duncan

There are few things that I look forward to more than the holiday season - blustery weather, twinkling lights, cheerful music, and the holiday card swap. Because we are gypsies at heart, we have lived all over and love poring over the beautiful, joyful cards that come in from coast-to-coast!

Each year I carefully select a special card to host some of our favorite photographs and this year I found a great assortment of holiday cards at Tiny Prints. We send well wishes to friends and family, show off how our beautiful girls have grown, and share how our adventure continues.

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We have never sat for a formal family portrait, instead we prefer to recycle photographs of genuine moments, happy occasions, and events from throughout the year. We celebrate reality, and the wonderful incredible minute moments that add up to true joy and lasting memories.

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This year is no different. Chasing dreams and making the most of every day, this is what we believe in and what we value most. 

Rather than wintry sweaters and perfect hair, we offer authentic smiles. Live music and dancing is far more fun than proper pictures! Now more than ever, we spend our time intentionally. We promote daily traditions and magical moments all year long - this is the sentiment we want to share with our friends and family. 

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Flipping through our photographs, I remember all the fun we’ve had - the places that we found wandering in the woods and sandy days spent on the coast collecting shells. Pictures of daytrips and adventures can be mixed with special moments captured, funny faces and bike riding lessons. Together they tell the story of our life.

If you don’t have piles of photos lying around, worry not. Let the kids take over the camera and capture breakfast or a trip to the local park. Ask a friend to take candid shots of your family decorating the house for the holidays or making cookies, and head to their house the next day to return the favor. Tiny Prints offers a large assortment of layout options so you can share multiple images (in multiple shapes and sizes). 

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Once you have plenty of photos to choose from it’s time to design your card!

Thankfully, Tiny Prints has a simple process! After selecting Lovely Cheer: Khaki Glitter Holiday Card, I personalized it. The myriad of style and size options made it easy to find a card that complements our aesthetic and beautifully portrays our family's year in photos - a truly customized and efficient approach I appreciate. Because as we gather, reflect, and give thanks on these dedicated days, I realize it is the time that we have together that I appreciate the most. 

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Peace & Love, from my family to yours!