A Creative, Resourceful Approach To Holiday Decor

A bright and merry home makes for a bright and merry mood! We all have our own go-to ways we tend to deck our halls for the holidays, but it can be fun and festive to add some fresh creativity — so today, for her last post, we asked Guest Editor Ericka Burke to provide a bit of inspiration. Below, she shares her tips for convivial dining room decor, perfect for this special season.
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"I like to keep things soft and mismatched and cozy. Over the years, I've been snagging vintage tableware pieces here and there — honestly, by now I've probably got too much! But I love setting the table with mismatched glasses and silverware. I think it can look really lovely and homey."


"One thing I really like to do is re-purpose my summertime glass beverage dispensers (you know — the type you'd have iced tea or lemonade in) as vases for pretty holiday arrangements."

"I've filled them with both gourds and citrus before — it's unexpected, easy, and pretty. Grab a bag of clementines and voila! You've got a pretty centerpiece."


"As for floral arrangements, in the winter I like to keep the actual blooms pretty sparse, just a couple pops of color mixed in with bunches of seasonal foliage. Often I'll even just go out into the cafe's back garden and trim some branches and things — whatever catches my eye!" 


"Greenery and branches with berries and shoots can be really gorgeous in an arrangement. Don't forget about leaves either — dried leaves can add some great color to a table."


"I don't think anyone ever needs to run out and buy tons of things to make their home feel festive and welcoming — really, if you use what you’ve got on hand, it can turn out really wonderful and simple, and make your guests feel right at home." 

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