Everyday Icon: October Guest Family Editor and HATCH founder, Ariane Goldman

We're excited to introduce our Guest Family Editor for October, HATCH Collection founder, Ariane Goldman.
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IMAGE CREDIT: Stylish Hip Kids

IMAGE CREDIT: Stylish Hip Kids

For our first Guest Family Editor we wanted to work with someone who supports women and understands family life, which is why we reached out to HATCH Collection founder, Ariane Goldman. For those unfamiliar with HATCH, it a chic and modern clothing line that creates clothes for before, during and after pregnancy (they are also completely wearable for women who are not pregnant at all - illustrated a few years ago by a two of Clementine's own). 

We sat down with the designer, business woman and mother of two to find out more about the impetus behind HATCH, what she found most surprising about motherhood and the few words that keep her centered and grounded. 

Both of your companies were born out of personal necessity. It takes a certain type of person to want to try and fill a need in any market, to what (or whom) do you attribute your courage? Did you always want to be an entrepreneur? 

My background is in business, and of course in that realm you're taught to find the demand, so I think I was groomed to some degree to start a company that filled a gap, that served a need. When I was working in corporate marketing, I always wanted to make things and eventually I just decided I had the guts and had to get going, as the instinct and yearning to start my own thing wasn't going away.

What was the inspiration behind creating a line that transitions from pregnancy to postpartum (and beyond)?

Pregnancy is just one moment in the continuum of our lives as women...it's an incredible moment, but a tough one too, so it's more important than ever to have clothes and products that feel like you - like your persisting style and like luxuries that you would have found before you were pregnant and that you'll still appreciate after. The idea of buying pieces to invest in just makes sense.

Who are your personal style icons and why? Who are your business icons and why? 

Donna Karan and Eileen Fisher both built incredible lifestyle brands for women. Just brilliant in every way. They saw what women needed and developed their products to meet those needs. To me, that's everything.

What are three things about becoming a parent that surprised you? 

Three? The whole thing surprised me. But I was surprised by how my instincts changed, how my marriage changed, and - of course - how much I could love. Those three things were (and are) profound.

There is often a double standard when it comes to working mothers, one that focuses a lot of energy on how everything gets done and how the elusive "balance" is achieved, that does not plague male business owners. Being that you are a working mother whose company celebrates motherhood, have you found this to be true? And if so, how do you address those expectations? 

I don't think there are tricks. I think every strong, working woman I know does the best she can with the resources at her disposal, and just prioritizes the things she feels aren't optional, but vital. That's certainly the only approach I know.

Do you have any personal sayings or mantras that keep you grounded or aligned? 

Stay High. Be Kind.

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