5 Keys To Keep Housekeeping Simple, Speedy and Sustainable

With a handful of smart strategies, Amanda Gibby Peters of Simple Shui reminds us that keeping our homes clean and tidy doesn't have to be such a complicated hassle.
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Waking up to a clean home starts the day with a gust of good new energy. With a fresh start, we breathe the day in differently, metabolizing overwhelm into calm and confidence.

However, housekeeping is often undermined by the slurry of daily demands and decisions – and we quickly lose stamina to keep up. The solution is simple: Get comfortable with a few notable routines, and flip the script on your household hassles.

Here are five specific tips to make cleaning less complicated. 

1. Be honest.

When we rummage past pesky deterrents daily, the push wears us out, and tinkering with too many tasks splinters progress. Instead, it's best to start small and troubleshoot one space at a time. Knowing our priorities speeds things along, so first things first: figure out where your house plays hardball most. Get honest about what is creating constant agitation, eliminate that commotion, and work until that one space lifts the mood!

2. Clean as you go.

Make the bed when you wake up. Wipe down the counters and kitchen table after every use. Wash a few dishes while cooking in the kitchen. Put the laundry away once it's folded. Open the mail, and recycle ruthlessly on the spot. While these tasks may seem like an infringement in our already bulging schedules, keeping a home clean – little by little – is how we forecast guilt-free free time. Cleaning as we go keeps chaos from expanding.

3. Keep a junk drawer.

By having one space that collects our extraneous notes, we give a home to those random parcels that are simply parts of life. With a designated spot to throw these odds and ends, we keep clutter from becoming a larger-than-life pest. A few rules: claim only one junk drawer; keep this space small; resist the urge to overstuff it; and clean it out monthly.

4. Accelerate the process.

There is a great African proverb: "If you want to go quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, go together." Everything in our space is something we once wanted – which means it deserves to have a sense of belonging and attention. It's likely the pandemonium is not all exclusively yours, so ask for help: delegate chores and share the workload. An abundance of things does not equate to abundance; rather, abundance begins when we have what we truly love, use or need – and that's a group conversation worth holding regularly.

5. Put your house to bed every night.

Keeping a home in good order is ultimately a beautiful ritual around self-hospitality, and five minutes of concentrated effort count as currency that adds up quickly. Before settling yourself into bed at night, walk through your home. If you discover any loiterers from the day, don't put off those easy pick-me-ups – tend to them now, and you'll thank yourself tomorrow. Chaos doesn't happen overnight, but it is the accumulation of one postponed decision after another. By committing to small and steady steps every day, we pull ourselves from the complicated frenzy and crack open a simple new way of starting each day.

p.s. Cleaning house feels good, doesn't it? How about giving some special care to your home office