5 Inspiring Quotes From "In The Company of Women"

We cannot stop poring over Grace Bonney's latest book!
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Photo of Jodie Patterson from "In The Company of Women" by: Sasha Israel

Photo of Jodie Patterson from "In The Company of Women" by: Sasha Israel

When we heard that Grace Bonney was writing another book we were thrilled, when we discovered the subject matter of said book, we were ecstatic. 

In The Company Of Women profiles 100 female artists, makers and entrepreneurs by sharing their advice, inspiration and wisdom on work and life. We were half tempted to break out the highlighter and outline our favorite excerpts, but since the book is a stunning work of art in itself we instead opted for the Post-Its. (Last count there were approximately 56 hot pink little pieces of paper poking out from the edges.) 

Supporting, empowering and celebrating women is a mission we hold dear and an essential reason as to why this site exists. Yes, we love tips and round-ups as much as the next person, but the core of Clementine is to provide a place for all women. Period. In The Company of Women offers an inclusive perspective and highlights women from communities that are oft underrepresented, in Grace's words:

 "I am 100 percent in support of any business that's bringing good into the world, but I was acutely aware of how many women (women of color, women from the LGBT community, and differently abled women) weren't be celebrated or included in these discussions."

To celebrate today's release of the book we are sharing 5 quotes that we love....though we will certainly be adding to this list and referring to In The Company of Women for years to come. 

Beauty Entrepreneur - Jodie Patterson: "We can be eternally working on the dream, and if we love what we're doing and who we are, we feel accomplished."

Interior Designer - Danielle Colding: "The world needs more gratitude and less narcissism."

Writer and Professor - Roxane Gay: "Be relentless, be ambitious, be excellent."

Interior Designer - Shelia Bridges: "My definition of success has very little to do with other people's expectations or definitions of success."

Musician, Writer and Actor - Carrie Brownstein: "I love seeing brilliant, creative women making space and laying down tracks for other women."

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*This is not a sponsored post, but a glowing recommendation for a book we truly love and a movement we wholeheartedly support.