National Voter Registration Day

Are you registered to vote? If not, now is the time!
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Editor Brooke Klauer is sharing resources to help you easily and quickly register to vote, and reminding us that now is the time to make your voice heard! 

Today is National Voter Registration Day, which really just means let’s all stop procrastinating. If you aren’t already, make today the day you register to vote. (Lenny is making it as easy as texting. Start here.) Because in less than 50 days the presidential election is happening and with it the chance to make your voice heard. In 2008, 6 million Americans didn’t vote because they missed a registration deadline or, even, didn’t know how to register. Let’s not repeat those too-high numbers in 2016. We are a democracy—voting is a positive action we can all take.

At Clementine Daily we understand that mind and intellect are a huge part of our overall health and wellness and we firmly believe that mind affects matter. So if, for nothing else, you register today AND vote come November, the feeling of solidarity with your fellow Americans, of contributing to the whole of our nation and the courageous act you took to speak your mind will only do a world of good for the collective and your own sense of self.

For over three years I penned a weekly aggregate summary of the top news stories called In the Know for the lifestyle website The Everygirl. Not because I wanted to be a journalist per se, but because I strongly believe that with a greater worldview we can tackle more, together. So how about using today to start? Register to vote. Be informed (here’s an easy way). Watch the debates. Discuss your opinions with partners, parents, friends. Spread the word about registering to vote today, next week, next month.

Admittedly amidst all the chatter it may be hard to feel like our voice will be heard. But it will. And, ultimately, we are all responsible for speaking up...and this year it is imperative we do. 

p.s. A few more ways to empower yourself.