Go-To Products For An Easy Anti-Aging Skincare Routine

We tried acollagen boost, anti-aging serum and eye serum from Jouviance, and we're reporting back on the results. (Hint: smoother, more youthful skin.)
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We asked Clementine Editor, Maggie Pate, to share her first experience in drugstore anti-aging aisle and she is reporting back with her results (and new skincare regime).

My years in the modeling industry definitely nurtured my current skincare regiment: every day, I use a cleanser followed by a toner and moisturizer, and I apply sunscreen religiously. However, I've always jumped around from drugstore brands to high-end, doctor-praised lines, experimenting with different products. There never seems to be a fix-all solution to pesky skin problems.

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Though I've tried many types of serums, soaps and creams, I have never actually paid too much attention to anti-aging products. Perhaps this is because I am often thought to be younger than my true age, though I'm in my 30's. 

And while I may still look and feel youthful, the truth is, it's probably time to start planning for the skin changes that are bound to develop over the years. Prevention is easier than trying to reverse or cure a problem, and even with all of the sunscreen I use regularly, I live in the south, where exposure to sun is often and intense. Hence the stubborn sunspots that have started popping up on my forehead and T-zone area.

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Enter the Anti-Aging Restructiv Collagen BoostRestrucitv Anti-Aging Serum and the Eye Contour Serum from Jouviance. One week after adding these three tubes to my regular skincare routine, I've noticed that my eyes are less puffy, and I look as though I have gotten six to seven hours of sleep...which is unfortunately never true. 

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The sunspots are drifting away (good riddance), and my skin is responding, which allows me to go makeup free (always my preference). Apparently this anti-aging thing is all about good products and consistency. Who knew? 

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Jouviance products can be found at your local CVS (bonus points for convenience).

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