6 Secrets To Choosing The Ideal Undergarments

Book DeLorme, the co-founder of Brook There (and bra and underwear extraordinaire) shares her insights on the proper styles and fits for different outfits and occasions.
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We may call them "unmentionables," but perhaps it's time we started mentioning them. Picking the proper undergarments can be a bit of a perplexing task, particularly with so many styles, materials and price points to choose between — that's why we've enlisted Brook DeLorme, co-founder of Brook There, to share some tips and tricks on lingerie shopping. Below, Brook explains how to find the proper fit, when boyshorts are the wisest option, and more.

1. This should go without saying: underwear should be comfortable! You know undies and bras fit properly if you forget you're wearing them and they don't leave indents on your skin.

2. Coordinate or complement your lingerie colors with your outer garments. We love the look of a pretty bra in a unexpected tint, barely peeking through the straps of a loose tank top or light dress. 

3. This one is an interesting surprise: a white bra under a white t-shirt actually shows through more than a black bra under a white t-shirt. If you want your underwear to be less visible, choose a shade that is darker than your skin tone. 

4. Boyshorts provide the best coverage under short dresses or breezy garments, and they double as awesome sleepwear or loungewear. As long as the outfit isn't especially figure-hugging, these can be a comfy and liberating choice.  

5. If you're concerned about visible panty lines, thongs are the obvious go-to. But if you prefer briefs, look for styles that have a "fuller-coverage" bottom and aren't too tight. The elastic shouldn't press into the skin on your legs — if it does, that means the style is too small and will show more obviously. 

6. Choose natural fibers like cotton, wool or silk, which are most soothing against your skin. Consider organic cotton and ethical production as often as you can.

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