3 Creative Baby Shower Ideas (from a seasoned hostess)

We tapped our favorite auntie (and Clementine Social Media Manager) to share her best baby shower hosting tips, and she came back with suggestions for everything from invites to venues to party favors (+ all the details in between!).
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All of my girlfriends who married in the last 10 years have one to two children, or are beginning to start families of their own. I have been to as many baby showers as I have weddings (which by my count is A LOT). 

 Often showers for these occasions can get a bad rap and sometimes turn into an affair of obligation versus one of celebration. In my circle we have an unwritten rule about showers, we only plan events that we would sincerely want to attend (there are only so many dirty diaper games you can play).

Having multiple friends who are currently expecting, I was inspired to create three unique baby shower ideas, all guaranteed to ensure your guests will be happy they replied “yes"!  Before I began the planning process, I chose three invites from Tiny Prints to help build out my shower themes. 


What will it Bee? 
Perfect for those who are keeping the gender a secret, or perhaps also using the shower as a gender reveal. Encourage your guests to bring gender-neutral gifts, luckily the options are endless in this day and age. For sweets, try serving honey treats from lemon-honey cupcakes and baklava cups to sautéed bananas or honeybuns. 

Decorate the tables with little honey sticks, honey dippers and honey flavored products that your guests can take as their favor. If you want to reveal the gender of your babe, fill a beehive piñata with pink or blue confetti! 


Not-So-Classic Brunch
I think I can speak for everyone at Clementine Daily when I say we are always the first to RSVP “yes” to a brunch. 

The best part about a baby brunch is that you can throw the party in the comfort of your own home, favorite brunch spot or outdoor patio (weather permitting, of course). The menu can be as simple or intricate as you like, we've seen everything from the standard breakfast casseroles, muffins and fruit to build your own grilled cheese or bloody mary bar. Tiny Prints also has an option that allows you to create a little menu, which you could place at each plate. 


Keep table décor simple by lining the middle with fresh eucalyptus or using it to adorn your place setting. Offer the flowers to guests as a parting gift paired with a small bottle of grapefruit or orange essential oil - simple and sophisticated! 


Garden Party
Invite friends of the momma-to-be to make beautiful flower arrangements or flower crowns; parks, flower shops and your own backyard all make for beautiful backdrops. Insider tip: most cities have historic parks or beautiful flower gardens that are free to the public to enjoy on Saturdays and Sundays.

Make a basket for each guest that includes a handtowel, mini orange juice and Prosecco bottle for a personal mimosa, local chocolates for a treat, and flowers for an arrangement.

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 If you want to provide more food for your guests, stock their basket (which can also serve as their party favor) with a pre-made artisanal sandwich or salad. At the end of the soiree, your guests will have a beautiful flower arrangement or flower crown to take home (along with their equally lovely basket of goodies!).