Personalize Your Outdoor Space With these Unique Ideas

There are still many summer celebrations yet to be had, take a look at few tips for making your outdoor space welcoming and fun well into fall!
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Even though we are in the throws of summer, the days feel busier than ever. Between work, camps, playdates, errands (grr errands) - the list just goes on... When the day's to-do’s finally subside and the sun begins to dip down in the sky, we come together, put away our phones, tablets and other distractions to enjoy much needed time to reconnect. At least once a week this takes the form of game night, and it has quickly become our new favorite family ritual.


We pull together snacks and finger foods, grab a few games (including the memory game that is currently topping our list from Shutterfly - it is actually printed with our own photos on them). We pour wine and head outside to enjoy fresh air and the beautiful golden hour as a family.


Creating an inviting outdoor space was a priority when we moved a little over a year ago. Entertaining and having friends over is one of our most beloved pastimes. We spend as much time each day outside as we can, enjoying each other’s company. We knew that any investment of blood, sweat, tears and personalized accessories in this space would pay off in the long run. 


When designing our space I wanted to personalize it. We chose to monogram our initials, MH onto some beautiful pieces we found at Shutterfly, including cutting boards and a glass decanter we’ll be filling with our favorite rose all summer long. It gives our game nights a personal touch, and the kids feel extra special drinking out of glasses with their names etched on them.


Maybe it's because living in the Pacific Northwest forces you to make the most of the summer months, but there is something special about spending evenings outdoors that makes the inevitable later bedtimes worth it! 

No night on the patio is complete (at least at our house) without our famous guacamole. Enjoy, preferably outdoors, in the company of those you love and adore. 

Meyer-Harley Guacamole

2 ripe avocados

1 finely chopped shallot

sea salt to taste

lime to taste

In a bowl toss in a few healthy size pinches of salt, and chopped shallot. Let sit for at least 10 minutes. This allows the salt to draw out the onion juice which helps flavor the entire bowl of guacamole. Then, add avocado and mash into salt and shallot mixture. Squeeze half a lime into mix and stir together. Done. Enjoy with your favorite tortilla chips and a slice of watermelon on the side! 

p.s. You too can easily create a personalized entertaining space all your own. Check out these items for inspiration: memory gamefamily stamp cutting board, monogrammed cutting board, plates, mason jarspersonalized stemless wine glasses, personalized decanter, personalized canvas tote, candle

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